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Altitude Water Announces Atmospheric Water Generator Expert Jaymie Ditzler to Integrate Solar Alternative

2024-04-11 03:30:56 Environment


Lauderlakes, Florida, February 26, 2024 -- Altitude Water ( announced Jaymie Ditzler, a certified and licensed HVAC technician and graduate of Atlantic Technical Center in Coconut Creek, FL, has been promoted to an Executive Position and minority owner after years of dedication to our vision and helping run the production line building Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). As a pioneer in the industry, Ditzler has developed numerous processes for the AWG machines to make more water while using the same electrical draw over a wider range of temperatures and humidity levels and working with our solar partners to integrate Altitude's systems to run on solar and alternative energy sources.

"The expertise Jaymie brings to our team truly made bringing Solar Powered Atmospheric Water Generators to Hawaii, Cameroon, Ecuador and the rest of the world a reality," said Jeff Szur, Chief Operating Officer, Altitude Water. "When a team member deserves recognition, we like to point it out as crystal clear as our water!" added Szur. "While praise is nice," Szur continued, "I'm sure having ownership in the company he helped build is even more gratifying and will help secure his future. His sweat equity and devotion have earned him this executive and equity position. Again saying #teamworkmakesthedreamwork is true, but proving it with action and ownership is even better."

Ditzler expertise helped to coordinate the development of a new PLC controller board and other technologies that give our machines the ability to create the most water while using the least amount of electricity. His knowledge is seen as revolutionary in the AWG industry. He has built machines operating in over 65 countries and developed training and repair videos to share with distributors and consumers.

Mr. Ditzler will be traveling to Maka Cameroon in April to coordinate the integration of solar provided by African Solar.

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