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Konica Minolta Unveiled Transformative Print Solutions at PAMEX 2024

2024-04-15 11:40:58 Business


Mumbai, February 12th, 2024 | Konica Minolta, leading global provider of industrial, production, and digital print solutions, is excited to announce its successful participation at PAMEX 2024, held from February 6th to 8th at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon. Building on the triumph of its 2023 participation, Konica Minolta showcased an extensive lineup of innovative print solutions at Stall No. C30 & C32, Hall No. 1.

The exhibition featured an impressive range of products, including the following:

AccurioPress C12000 with IQ 501: Konica Minolta's revolutionary AccurioPress C12000, equipped with inbuilt automated print technologies and IQ 501, delivers unparalleled productivity and consistent print quality. Boasting Perfect Image and durable performance, this print engine ensures efficiency with automated engine linearization, duplex registration, profiling, real-time adjustments.
AccurioLabel 400: Key advancements in the latest AccurioLabel 400 press encompass the capacity to broaden application possibilities using white toner, and additional cost savings through increased durability of components, coupled with various media acceptability and printing of 3000 linear meter in a single job.

AccurioShine 3600 with iFoil: Konica Minolta presents the AccurioShine 3600, enabling businesses to transform standard print jobs into engaging products. This solution offers 2D spot UV and textured 3D varnish effects, contributing to enhanced brand identity and powerful printed communications.
AccurioPress C7100: The AccurioPress C7100, a CMYK cut-sheet toner press, redefines agility, offering excellent quality imagery, long sheet printing capabilities, reliable thin paper feeding, envelope printing, and embossed paper support.
AccurioPress C4080: The AccurioPress C4080 series serves as a versatile press, supporting flat sheets, duplex long sheets up to 864mm, and inline finishing options. With production of 45 A3 in a minute, leads to higher productivity.

AccurioPress C4065: The AccurioPress C4065 showcases durable performance with up to 66 A4 colour pages per minute and 37 A3, 2-sided banner printing, and sophisticated media handling. This compact production press printer offers high-end print control and various finishing options.

AccurioPrint 6136: Konica Minolta introduces the AccurioPrint 6136 series, a high-end monochrome production press with features such as high productivity with coated and uncoated media, flexible paper handling, and high-function finisher group, catering to the demands of publication houses and POD's.
DPR SCORPIO SCR35PL Digital Label Finishers: The SCR35PL is the perfect match for wide-format digital colour label presses, offering versatility, different roll widths, outer diameters, shapes, and sizes. This all-in-one system provides accurate label finishing using cutting plotter technology, allowing for on-demand short-run label finishing.

Accurio Shine 101: Rethinking value-added printing, the AccurioShine 101 delivers high quality and simple operation. Featuring Konica Minolta's offline foil.

Commenting on the exhibition, Mr. Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. said, "Beyond showcasing our advanced print solutions, PAMEX 2024 presented a unique opportunity to forge collaborations with key industry players. We look forward to converting the partnerships that align with our vision of democratizing cutting-edge print technology. Our goal is to extend the reach of our innovative solutions to small and medium businesses, empowering them with the tools they need to compete effectively. PAMEX 2024 served as a crucial platform for knowledge sharing and industry engagement, allowing us to directly connect with businesses and understand their specific needs."

Konica Minolta strived to deliver visitors with our vision for the future of printing at PAMEX 2024 Mumbai. We rely on these solutions' potential to help small and medium print service providers to amplify efficiency and productivity, enhance print quality and consistency, expand service offerings, and reduce environmental impact.

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