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Vehicle Number Scanning App Launches New Features for Automated Visual Inspections

2024-04-15 10:12:48 Business


Chennai, 8, Feb 2024:, a leading provider of AI-driven scanning solutions, is proud to announce the launch of new features designed to revolutionize automated visual inspections in manufacturing processes. The Scanflow app, equipped with Object Scanner and Serial Number Scanners, now empowers businesses to employ Vision Intelligence in their quality control workflows, ensuring efficient assembly line processes and superior product quality.

Assembly Line Efficiency: Speed Scan Serial Numbers - VIN, TIN, Stencils

The upgraded Scanflow app enables users to expedite assembly line processes by swiftly scanning Serial Numbers, including VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers), TINs (Trailer Identification Numbers), and stencils on various components. This feature facilitates the rapid identification of mismatches, enhancing overall assembly line efficiency.

Scanflow contributes to streamlined workflows, improved quality control, and enhanced inventory management in manufacturing. The automated capture of serial numbers, especially VINs, not only ensures data accuracy but also elevates the precision of quality control checks, ultimately boosting operational efficiency.

Automated Visual Inspections: Accurate Component Alignment in the Assembly Line

In the manufacturing industry, the reliability and quality of components, such as switches on the dashboard of trucks or cars, are paramount. Traditional manual inspection methods often fall short due to their time-consuming nature, susceptibility to human error, and limited ability to detect subtle defects. The Scanflow app addresses these challenges by providing an automated visual inspection feature, allowing users to accurately scan and infer component alignment on the assembly line.

The enhanced capabilities of align with the industry's growing demand for innovative solutions that not only streamline processes but also elevate the standard of quality in manufacturing.

About is a cutting-edge AI scanner on smart devices designed for data capture and workflow automation. The kit encompasses the capability to capture multiple data types, including Barcodes, QR codes, Object Scanning, Text Scanning, IDs, and Safety codes. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, continues to empower businesses across industries with its state-of-the-art scanning solutions.

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