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Embee Software Eyes 30-40% Growth Through Innovation and Partnerships

2024-04-16 01:34:48 Business


India: In a bold move towards industry leadership, Embee Software has outlined its strategic expectations and initiatives, positioning itself as a front-runner in Cloud Services, Analytics, AI, Cybersecurity, and Managed IT services. Leveraging a robust partnership with Microsoft, the company foresees substantial growth, attributing its success to internal transformations and a keen focus on cutting-edge technologies. The company aims for 30-40% year-on-year growth, with an ambitious 60-70% surge in services revenue.

Today, Embee Software Private Ltd is a leading Indian Technology solutions and services provider in the country focused on driving digital transformation in the Indian mid-market, with a turnover crossing USD 250 million. Embee has been a Microsoft partner for over 27 years, and a key LSP since 2010.

As Embee positions itself for the future, it aims to adapt to industry shifts by developing expertise in emerging technologies, ensuring it remains a dynamic force in the ever-evolving tech landscape. The technology and innovation for Embee is focused on the infusion of AI in Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud Automation, and Managed Services. Notably, the company plans to harness generative AI models for developing innovative applications, aligning with emerging industry trends. The company's long-term vision underscores a services-oriented transformation, strategically balancing growth between sales and services.

Moreover, employee development and organizational culture take center stage, with Embee emphasizing diversity, inclusivity, and skill development.

"We're propelling Embee Software towards a future where innovation and strategic partnerships result in exceptional growth. Aiming for a 30-40% increase, we're leveraging our expertise in AI, cybersecurity, and cloud services to surpass market expectations. Our focus on employee development and embracing cutting-edge technologies ensures that Embee remains at the forefront of the tech revolution," says Sudhir Kothari, CEO & MD, Embee Software.

Company :-Embee Software Private Limited

User :- Dheeraj Kr. Malawliya


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