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Komaki welcomes winter season with irresistible discounts on LY e-Scooter

2024-07-18 11:31:18 Automotive


New Delhi, November 30, 2023: Komaki Electric Division, a pioneering brand in India?s electric two-wheeler industry, has again set the stage by announcing an attractive discount on its acclaimed LY scooter model. This limited-time offer is poised to make the cutting-edge electric scooter even more accessible to EV enthusiasts across the country.

The LY model is equipped with a plethora of advanced features, including a TFT screen, which boasts onboard navigation, a sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, and calling features to enhance the overall riding experience. Also, its 62V30AH single battery, capable of covering 80-100 km on a single charge, and a robust 3000-watt hub motor/38 AMP controllers has been the flagship product for Komaki.

Komaki, well-known for its innovative and futuristic mobility solutions, is now extending its commitment to affordability and accessibility with an unparalleled discount of INR 18,968. This special price slash makes Komaki LY more accessible to green mobility endorsers at enticing INR 78,000 ex-showroom prices from the original INR 96,968 during the season.

Gunjan Malhotra, Director of Komaki Electric Division, expressed excitement about this exclusive offer, stating, "At Komaki, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility while ensuring that our products are within reach for a broader audience. The discount on the LY model is a testament to our commitment to making electric vehicles more affordable and contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future."

The LY model's distinctive attributes extend beyond its cutting-edge technology, encompassing LED front winkers, parking assist/cruise control, reverse assist, and more. LY is also available with the Life PO4 Smart app-based battery, providing users with added convenience in monitoring and managing their electric vehicle.

In addition, Komaki LY comes in a vibrant array of colours, allowing riders to express their style with choices such as Cherry Red, Metal Grey, and Jet Black.

This discount offer will create a surge of interest among electric vehicle enthusiasts and those seeking an eco-conscious and technologically advanced mode of transportation.

About Komaki

One of the fastest growing electric manufacturers in the country, Komaki, in just four years of existence, has established a strong network of 380+ dealership stores in pan-India. Komaki has the widest range of electric 2-wheelers, with 11 CMVR-exempt models and 6 high-speed registration models. With a sharp jump from INR 147.02 Cr of annual revenue in 2021 to INR 298 Cr in 2022, Komaki Group achieved more than 100 per cent revenue growth this calendar year and 1200 per cent since inception in May 2022. During the same period, Komaki Group?s profit also doubled from INR 1.51 Cr to INR 3.25 Cr. Now, to create a robust EV charging infrastructure in the country, Komaki has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant spanning over two acres with offices and warehouses in Delhi / NCR.

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