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Chanshi Unveils True Self-Discovery Program for individuals to become wellness ambassadors

2024-07-18 06:38:54 Health and Fitness


Bangalore, November 30, 2023: Chanshi, a pioneering figure in the holistic well-being landscape, is excited to introduce its True Self Discovery Program, its unique and intensive 12-week meditation teacher training program. The program, which takes root in the profound wisdom of Nath Yoga and Chan Buddhism, offers individuals a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Unlike the remote and impersonal approaches of large meditation corporations or traditional spiritual figures, Chanshi is led by Abhilash Chandramouli and Darshan Bawa, a dynamic couple who understand the daily challenges participants face. Founded by the entrepreneur couple in 2014, Chanshi was born from a quest for identity and authenticity. It all began on a sunny afternoon in the serene town of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, when Abhilash embarked on a transformative spiritual journey. Guided by the teachings of an enlightened monk, Master Deva, who belonged to the Chan/Tibetan Buddhism and Nath Yoga lineage, Abhilash experienced a profound spiritual awakening.

The core challenge Chanshi is addressing is the growing demand for authentic meditation teachers around the world. As more individuals seek ways to enhance their well-being, happiness, and productivity, the need for qualified meditation instructors is paramount. However, the current meditation teacher training landscape often falls short of expectations. Many courses lack depth, originality, and accredited lineage affiliations, leading to scepticism and disillusionment among seekers.

Today, Chanshi stands as a dedicated organization that specializes in training individuals to become authentic meditation teachers. Rooted in the wisdom and techniques of world\'s most influential meditation lineages, Chanshi\'s True Self Discovery Program is a beacon of authenticity and quality.

The benefits of the True Self Discovery Program are multi-faceted. Graduates have the opportunity to become wellness ambassadors and embark on new career paths as certified meditation instructors. Upon the completion of this program, participants receive prestigious lineage accreditation, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of their training.

This program isn\'t just about teaching others; it\'s a journey of self-discovery for participants themselves, offering deep insights into their true selves and inner potential. With ancient lineage accreditation enriching the program, graduates gain authenticity and credibility. This recognition allows them to share their wisdom and knowledge with others, fostering wellness. Furthermore, the True Self Discovery Program opens the doors to new career opportunities in the holistic well-being and meditation industry, providing meaningful paths for both personal and professional growth.

The program underscores Chanshi\'s unwavering commitment to bridging ancient wisdom with modern life, providing participants with a holistic journey that aligns with their true essence. In addition, Chanshi offers other transformative offerings in its exclusive retreats, nestled in the serene expanse of a 6-acre farm in Mysore, India, where participants can explore Marichi Kriyas (light meditations) and Nada Kriyas (sound meditations). With each retreat limited to just 12 participants, these programs offer tangible pathways to deep relaxation and profound calmness. Additionally, regular weekly meditation sessions grant access to a haven of self-adequacy and inner peace, available at participants\' convenience.

About Chanshi

Chanshi is a holistic well-being organization founded by Abhilash Chandramouli and Darshan Bawa in 2014. Through practical techniques and transformative programs, Chanshi empowers individuals to discover their true selves, achieve self-confidence, and lead lives of authenticity and purpose. With the unveiling of the True Self Discovery Program, Chanshi invites individuals to embark on a meaningful journey of self-exploration, guided by the wisdom of Nath Yoga and Chan Buddhism.

User :- Surya Nair


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