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12Grids Put Up A Spectacular Performance And Unveils The Future Of Technology At Africa Tech Festival 2023

2024-06-14 05:54:37 Design


12Grids has successfully made waves at the Africa Tech Festival 2023, captivating the attention of the participants and industry leaders with their cutting-edge products and creative displays. The event, held in "Cape Town International Convention Centre'', brought together the world's brightest minds in technology and innovation, and 12Grids victoriously showed its excellence in front of a huge audience.

Highlighting their commitment to innovation and sustainability, 12Grids unveiled two remarkable products at the Africa Tech Festival 2023; "FaceBio, a state-of-the-art biometric attendance system," and a stunning "display panel showcasing the magnificent mangroves of Maharashtra."

FaceBio, a revolution in attendance management system, was unveiled for the first time at this event and is set to revolutionize attendance management for businesses or institutions across the globe. This biometric attendance system makes use of facial recognition technology to streamline and secure the attendance tracking process.

Some of the key features of FaceBio include:

a) Seamless Integration: FaceBio can seamlessly integrate with existing attendance systems, making it comfortable for organizations to upgrade without any disruption.

b) Real-Time Monitoring: The system offers real-time attendance data, enabling organizations to make informed decisions in real-time.

c) Improved Security: The facial recognition technology of FaceBio makes sure that only authorized personnel can access the restricted areas, strengthening security at the premises.

d) User-Friendly: Having a user-friendly interface, FaceBio is effortless to implement and can be utilized by both employees and administrators.

Mr. Ravindra Warang and Ms. Sneha Usakoyal were on-site to demonstrate the technology and its applications to attendees, receiving passionate feedback and interest from potential clients, partners, and industry experts.

12Grids showcased a visually spectacular display panel dedicated to the mangroves of Maharashtra, a digital conservation effort. This enthralling digital exhibit highlighted the importance of preserving these essential ecosystems and the urgent need for environmental conservation.

The exhibit featured:

a) High-Resolution Imagery: Breathtaking pictures of the mangroves and the unique flora and fauna.

b) Educational Content: Informative content on the ecological significance and the conservation actions encircling the mangroves.

c) Interactive Elements: Attendees were able to explore the exhibition interactively, deepening their understanding of the subject.

"We are proud and overjoyed to have had the opportunity to showcase our innovative products and raise awareness about the crucial issue of environmental conservation at the Africa Tech Festival 2023," said Mr Ravindra Warang, Co-Founder and Director at 12Grids. "Both FaceBio and our digital exhibit on the mangroves of Maharashtra were incredibly well-received by the attendees, and now we are more excited about the potential impact these solutions can have on organizations and our environment."

The participation of 12Grids at the Africa Tech Festival 2023 marks another significant step in their mission to provide cutting-edge technology solutions while also kicking into a more sustainable future.

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