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Upcoming Single “CITY ON A HILL” By Cornel Grace & Joy Dame Releases 10/06/23

2024-02-21 09:26:27 Religion


Cornel Grace, an integral part of Joy Dame?s ministry, brings his own unique talent and perspective to the table. As a member of Lake City Lights, he adds depth and richness to their musical endeavors.Together with Joy Dame, they have crafted ?CITY ON A HILL? ? a song that promises to resonate with audiences on a spiritual level.It is worth noting that both Joy Dame and Cornel Grace are driven by their shared commitment to serving God through music.Their collaboration exemplifies the power of unity within the Christian community and showcases how individuals can come together to create something truly impactful.
As ?CITY ON A HILL? prepares to make its debut, listeners can anticipate an uplifting and soul-stirring experience.This collaboration between Joy Dame and Cornel Grace serves as a reminder that when artists unite under a common purpose, they have the potential to touch hearts and inspire change.Stay tuned for this exciting release from two talented individuals who are using their gifts to shine light into the world through music.


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