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RELEXA Announces Free Access to Healthcare Professionals

2024-06-12 06:17:03 Health and Fitness


Wilmington: The world?s first Intelligent Stress and Sleep Management App RELEXA now offers free access to healthcare professionals. They can also use it for accurate evaluation of their own or patients? health data. Eligible people like doctors and nurses must provide their details, email and occupation to get started. RELEXA is the only AI/ML-powered interactive app that measures users? stress levels and provides result-based motivation, sleep and meditation videos. This biofeedback-driven relaxation and stress-relief tool is science-based and accurately monitors heart rate.

The biggest USP is that it has 9 powerful, innovative and unique features that are not currently offered by any stress relief app worldwide. The intelligent de-stress technology will learn which meditations relax you the most or help you sleep within a few minutes. They help add more positive moments to the users? lives today for a fulfilling tomorrow.

?I am working every day on RELEXA to make it better and more useful to help and support the world, our blue planet family? stated Armin Schreiber, CEO at RELEXA.

The multisensory videos in the app are shorter yet effective. These are crafted by scientists, yoga teachers, psychologists and mediation experts. Users from the healthcare industry can use the app free of cost, experience calmness, develop a ?SuperYou? and live longer. The clip contents are specially designed visualizations with the knowledge and science of Buddhist philosophy and personal coaching. All the words, symbols and metaphors are thoughtfully chosen and blended with soothing sound effects.

A study by Harvard Medical School found that chronic sleep problems affect 50% to 80% of patients in a typical psychiatric practice compared to 10% to 18% of the general adult US population. This is where RELEXA, the revolutionary intelligent sleep technology, is of great help. Its relaxation technique communicates with the creative part of the brain via feelings, images and associations. This interaction helps the users learn new ways to achieve inner equilibrium and feel at peace with themselves and the world around them.

Users can integrate RELEXA with smartwatches to receive real-time biomarker measurements. They can access a library of relaxation programs, sleep videos and life-changing programs. Users can unlock a personalized relaxation audiobook as well by simply taking a quiz. It will gently remind to calm down or give a refreshing boost of positive energy. The carefully created stress-management system can further assist with anxiety, love & sex and low energy-related complications. It is a cost-effective way to improve mental and cardiovascular health.

RELEXA is the very first intelligent sleep and stress management technology. Sleep science, modern psychology, cutting-edge positive coaching and anxiety alleviation are the key elements. This next-gen app has a 5-star rating and version 2.9.7 is currently available on both Apple Store and Google App Store. It was curated by a world-class team of experts who were driven by passion, patience and endurance. The app started as PARADISE and released the initial relaxation videos in 2019. Later this went up to 150+ visualization videos by August 2020. The app was renamed as RELEXA in October 2020.

Company :-RELEXA LLC

User :- Armin Schreiber


Phone :-(718) 578-4429

Url :-

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