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TrueSelfy Introduces Real-time TechWorth with Peer-to-Peer Expertise Endorsement

2024-06-23 04:49:28 Technology


Pune, India: TrueSelfy, a groundbreaking online salary calculator tool, has officially launched, promising to transform the way tech software professionals in India gauge their true worth. Developed with precision and backed by extensive data, TrueSelfy empowers tech professionals to celebrate their uniqueness. TrueSelfy can help them to understand their market value, enabling informed career decisions and negotiation strategies.

In the dynamic tech industry, where skills and experience vary widely, professionals often struggle to determine their true value. This knowledge gap can lead to underpayment, job dissatisfaction, and missed career opportunities. TrueSelfy addresses this issue head-on by providing an accurate and comprehensive assessment of an individual's TechWorth, tailored specifically to the Indian job market.

Peer-to-Peer Endorsement and Badge
Earn an endorsement badge
TrueSelfy employs sophisticated algorithms and data analytics to calculate a tech professional's market value accurately. Factors such as skills, experience, location, and industry expertise are taken into account to provide peer-to-peer endorsement.

The users can send endorsement requests?to their peers in?industry to earn an endorsement badge. This badge can help them to identify as an expert professional in their technology, domain or niche. The users can send up to 3 requests to their peers to collect their badges.

TrueSelfy offers Value-based compensation ?
Mr. Shriram Viswanathan, the CEO of TrueSelfy, shared his enthusiasm for the platform's launch, stating, "We are excited to introduce TrueSelfy to the tech software professionals of India. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed career decisions and advocate for fair value-based compensation. With TrueSelfy, we believe that professionals can take control of their career paths and contribute to a more equitable job market."?

?Our self-learning algorithm covers detailed and granular aspects specific to the value generated by individuals in the tech industry much beyond skills and has undergone significant changes since it was first launched on 1 May 2023?, he added.

TrueSelfy has already garnered attention from tech professionals and industry experts alike, with early users praising the platform's accuracy and usability. Ms. Amy, a software engineer from Bangalore, said, "TrueSelfy helped me understand my market value better than any other tool I've used. It gave me the confidence to negotiate a higher salary at my new job, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

TrueSelfy is available for free, with premium subscription options for those seeking more advanced features and in-depth insights.

Discover your True TechWorth,


What?s Next Interesting Feature?
TechRelevance is in the Line
TrueSelfy is constantly upgrading its features to deliver better user-end results. TrueSelfy CEO, Mr. Shriram Viswanathan disclosed some of the next interesting features that are going to embed soon including TechRelevance.

With the TechRelevance feature, users can check their tech compatibility according to the latest market trends, job market shifts and emerging technologies. As TrueSelfy is committed to real-time data updates, its?tool ensures that users receive the most accurate and up-to-date assessment of their technical skills.

This feature is also ChatGPT?(GenAI) enabled and gives specific career recommendations for the skills, and what to learn in the future to stay relevant in the technology industry.


About TrueSelfy
TrueSelfy is a pioneering online salary calculator tool dedicated to helping tech software professionals in India understand their market value. Developed with a commitment to accuracy and data-driven insights, TrueSelfy empowers individuals to make informed career decisions and negotiate fair compensation packages. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to data privacy, TrueSelfy is poised to revolutionize the way tech professionals assess their worth in the job market.

About VUCA-?ware
VUCA-ware is a software products and technology solution provider that empowers businesses and their customers to survive and?thrive in the VUCA world. Their primary focus is on technology companies and end customers who are directly impacted by the rapid pace of technological advances and change.


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