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Anna Hazare joins Ramniwas Meena to bolster the execution of Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project

2024-05-26 08:24:36 News & Society


To highlight the importance of the stead-fast execution of the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERPC) and ensure the availability of clean water in the area, veteran social activist Anna Hazare joined the movement led by Kisan Vikas Samiti State President Bhamashah Ramniwas Meena and State Chief Convenor Ravindra Meena. Anna Hazare visited East Rajasthan for the first time and addressed a public meeting near Kuthila Hanuman Temple in Todabhim to support the cause of ERCP implementation.

More than 50 thousand men and women gathered during the meeting, making the issue a national concern. Addressing the huge gathering, chief guest and keynote speaker Anna Hazare noted, "Water security is a basic need that every people in any region should have and considering the water crisis in Eastern Rajasthan, the execution of ERCP is imperative. The government should have understood this long ago, but it is surprising that the government has not yet shown seriousness towards this basic and most significant need of the people of Eastern Rajasthan. This is a project directly relevant for the lives of the people of Eastern Rajasthan and that counts for the growth of a prosperous nation,"

Anna Hazare further mentioned that even though he is 86 years old, he has not become old yet. "If the government now delays in providing ERCP to the people of Eastern Rajasthan, we will not hesitate to launch a big movement for the cause. The farmer leaders of East Rajasthan, including Ramnivas Meena and Ravindra Meena, reached Ralegan Siddhi and understood the usefulness of ERCP from the farmers' perspective. The government should also consider this seriously and declare ERCP as a national project," added Mr Hazare.

Social activist Anna Hazare said in the public meeting chaired by farmer leader Ramniwas Meena that he has dedicated his life to the country and society. He said that as long as he lives, he will live only for the country and society. If the government does not accept the demands of the society and the country, then agitation remains the only way for the common people. In line with this, he assured that the people are ready for a big movement for ERCP.

The public meeting was graced by the presence of Anna Hazare along with Kalpana Tai Inamdar, Executive President of Lok Andolan, retired IAS Dr. Kamalnath Towery, Dattabhai Awari, Rajasthan State Panchayat Council President Subhash Parashar, Kota farmer leader Dashrath Singh, East Rajasthan Canal Project Farmer Development Committee State President Ramnivas Meena and Chief Convener Ravindra Meena. Deendayal Saraswat, state media in-charge of the steering committee, organized the meeting.

Anna Hazare and his team, who reached eastern Rajasthan for the first time, were greeted by farmer leader Ramniwas Meena, his wife former sarpanch Premlata Meena and young farmer leader Ravindra Meena along with Panch Patels of villages like Pahari, Mahswa, etc. Anna Hazare was seen dressed in cotton garland and Rajasthani turban. He was greeted with a bouquet and shawl.

Anna Hazare expressed gratitude to Ramnivas Meena and Ravindra Meena for this Rajasthani greeting. On this occasion, Anna Hazare also released booklets of public welfare works being done by Ramnivas Meena.

Admiring the support of a veteran activist like Anna Hazare towards the pressing concerns of the people of Eastern Rajasthan, Kisan Vikas Samiti State President Bhamashah Ramniwas Meena stated, "ERCP has been a long-pending demand for the people of the region and now the presence of Anna Hazare in our movement has further fuelled up the issue and I hope the government will soon take into consideration to make ERCP a national project. I am grateful to Anna Hazare for actively supporting national causes even at this age. His words of wisdom is a major inspiration for us to carry forward our movement."

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