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Popular TikTok Couple Kimshymoves Joins Forces with Rise of Elves in Groundbreaking NFT Collaboration

2024-06-23 01:52:55 Computer


The dynamic dancing duo, known affectionately as Kimshymoves, has embarked on an innovative partnership with Rise of Elves, an emerging play-to-earn blockchain game.

Together, they are set to unveil an exclusive line of NFTs showcasing the couple's iconic dance moves. These limited-edition digital collectibles are now available for pre-sale.

This unprecedented collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Kimshymoves and Rise of Elves. For Kimshymoves, it represents an opportunity to reach out to a fresh audience, while for Rise of Elves, it opens the door to a new wave of players, generating excitement for their immersive game.

Beyond the individual benefits, the Kimshymoves NFTs are poised to revolutionize the entertainment and play-to-earn industries. This fusion of a popular social media presence with a blockchain game is a trailblazing approach, potentially setting the stage for more such groundbreaking collaborations in the future. It promises to make blockchain games more accessible and appealing to an even wider audience.

For those seeking to invest in the future of entertainment and play-to-earn, the Kimshymoves NFTs offer an unparalleled opportunity. Owners will not only possess a slice of digital history but also stand to reap real-world rewards.

To participate in the Kimshymoves NFT Premier Sale, visit:

Pre-sale Full Mechanics:

This presale process involves two key stages. In the first stage, The release of the mentioned influencer NFT, followed by the release of the influencer's in-game hero in the second stage.

1. The ROE team plans to sell 5,000 NFTs. We are currently in the first stage of the presale, where we must first complete the sale of NFTs valued at 500 ROE before officially launching the influencer's NFT. The presale price for each NFT is set at 9 ROE. Once the first stage is completed, the NFTs will be automatically sent to your wallet address within a span of 30 days.

2. After successfully selling NFTs worth 500 ROE, the project will officially commence and move into the second stage of the presale. In this stage, we need to achieve a sale of 5,000 ROE before we can launch the influencer's in-game hero. During this phase, the price of the NFTs will be adjusted to the regular price of 10 ROE each.

3. The duration for the first stage of the presale is set at 120 days. If the sales target of 500 ROE is not met in the first stage, the team will extend the presale period by an additional 30 days. If the sales target is not reached even after this extension, the team will cancel the project and refund the funds to the buyer's wallet address within 7 days.

If you have any questions or need to consult, please join our official Discord group.

The Rise of Elves game is available for download on Chrome and Google Play.

For more information and updates, visit:

Rise of Elves website:
Rise of Elves Discord:

Company :-RIse of elves

User :- Eiy Lopez


Url :-

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