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Swaraj unveils new range of tractors to address core & emerging needs of Indian Agriculture

2024-05-25 01:21:42 Miscellaneous


Swaraj Tractors, a rapidly growing brand in the country and a part of Mahindra Group, today introduced the new range of tractors in 40 to 50 HP category.

Celebrated for its pivotal role in the Green Revolution and for pioneering India's first indigenous tractor, the new range of tractors from Swaraj epitomizes its steadfast dedication to advancing India's agricultural mechanization and addressing the evolving needs of Indian farmers. Poised to bolster the competitiveness of Swaraj's product portfolio, the new range has been launched within India?s rapidly expanding and dominant 40-50 HP tractor segment.

With an unwavering commitment to empower farmers and boost agricultural productivity, this range sets new performance standards in this fast-growing segment. The new tractors seamlessly blend power, reliability, and style to conquer even the most challenging conditions with the latest features and technology.

Designed to handle heavy and modern implements with ease, the new range redefines agricultural operations, effortlessly meeting the demands of modern-day agriculture, delivering exceptional power and increased productivity in both existing and emerging applications.

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