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Empowering Safety and Sustainability: Tarapro at 17th Safety Symposium & Exposition

2023-12-01 02:33:41 Industry


Tarapro stood proudly at the forefront as the esteemed Gold Sponsor during the dynamic proceedings of the 17th Safety Symposium & Exposition. Organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Eastern Region, this enlightening two-day event unfolded against the exquisite backdrop of ITC Sonar in Kolkata. A grand convergence of luminaries, thought leaders, industry virtuosos, and dedicated professionals who share a collective commitment to the advancement of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in tandem with the imperatives of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives marked the symposium's significance.

In this pivotal juncture, the Tarapro team harnessed the spotlight to unveil their avant-garde collection of flame-resistant and arc flash clothing. This meticulously designed range caters to diverse industrial domains encompassing Molten Metal, Welding, Electrical, and beyond, fortified by the promise of uncompromised protection and security.

"Synergising OHS with ESG Goals" echoed as the resounding theme, ushering forth profound dialogues that resonated with the spirit of progress. These encompassed a diverse spectrum of critical subjects, encompassing the dynamic roles of leadership in shaping ESG trajectories, the strategic curation of robust implementation strategies, the optimization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to augment compliance measures, the strategic recalibration of the mining sector to align with ESG prerogatives, the evolving responsibilities that Safety Leaders shoulder within the ESG framework, and the imperative of embedding ESG tenets within the contours of the construction industry.

The 17th Safety Symposium & Exposition radiates as a monumental testament to Tarapro's steadfast devotion towards championing safety and nurturing the ethos of sustainable practices. The symposium not only underscored the brand's supremacy as an authority in flame-resistant clothing solutions but also spotlighted its synergy with ESG aspirations, affirming its role as a torchbearer of conscious safety solutions.

RohitLohia, Director of Tarapro, accentuated the brand's enduring commitment, stating, "Our resolve towards safety and sustainability receives renewed vitality as we commune with like-minded professionals, exchanging insights that steer our industry toward a safer and more ethically conscious future."

The Tarapro team extends its profound gratitude to the orchestrators of this exceptional symposium for curating an unparalleled platform that catalyzes dialogues on emerging global industry paradigms, establishes connections with relevant stakeholders, and unveils avenues for meaningful business synergies.

For comprehensive insights into Tarapro's transformative contributions and the awe-inspiring array of protective clothing solutions it offers, we invite you to explore the details at

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