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Sapkal College of Engineering Appoints Shreekant Patil as Advisory Committee Member for Startups

2023-12-01 08:24:39 Education


Kalyani Charitable Trust's Late G. N. Sapkal College of Engineering in Nashik is proud to announce the selection of Shreekant Patil as an esteemed Industry Expert, Adjunct Professor, and Advisory Committee Member for its Innovation Council (IIC), Startup, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development E-Cell. With his vast experience, successful entrepreneurship background, and active involvement in various national and international chambers and associations, Mr. Shreekant Patil brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the institute.

Mr. Shreekant Patil is a highly accomplished Chartered Engineer with an impressive career spanning over 29 years. His entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with notable success stories that have earned him recognition in the startup community. As a mentor for Startup India, he has provided valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of numerous startups.
Shreekant Patil is chairman and mentor at the NIMA Startup Hub, nurturing startups in Nashik and creating a startup ecosystem in Nashik.
In addition to his role as a Startup India mentor, Mr. Shreekant Patil holds key positions in the governing bodies of numerous esteemed national and international chambers and associations, including MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture), AACCI (Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry), MadeInSwadeshiCCI, NIMA (Nashik Industries & Manufacturers' Association), and many others. This extensive industry network allows him to stay updated with the latest trends and developments, ensuring that his guidance remains relevant and cutting-edge.

Furthermore, Mr. Shreekant Patil's expertise has been officially recognized by several state governments in India, where he serves as a mentor for their development initiatives. His dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship is evident through his mentorship at various incubation centres and international foundations.

The appointment of Shreekant Patil as an Advisory Committee Member at the IIC, Sapkal College of Engineering Nashik, signifies the institute's commitment to providing its students with access to leading industry professionals. By leveraging Mr. Shreekant Patil's vast experience and expansive network, the college aims to empower its students and foster an environment conducive to innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup development.

"We are thrilled to have Mr. Shreekant Patil join our team at the IIC," said Dr. Nilesh Wankhade, HOD, Head ICC at Sapkal College of Engineering Nashik. "His expertise and extensive experience in the industry will be invaluable assets to our students. We believe that his mentorship will inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures."

Kalyani Charitable Trust Kalyani Charitable Trust's Late G. N. Sapkal College of Engineering, Nashik looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with Shreekant Patil as they further strengthen and expand their innovation ecosystem. Through this partnership, the institute aims to create a nurturing environment where students can unleash their entrepreneurial potential and contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem.

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