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Shreekant Patil Selected as Advisory Committee Member at JIT Nashik’s Startup E-Cell

2023-11-30 02:00:56 Education


Jawahar Education Society's Institute of Technology Management & Research (JIT) is paving the way for a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship with the appointment of renowned StartupIndia Mentor, CE. Shreekant Patil. This esteemed addition to the faculty brings with him a wealth of experience, success as an entrepreneur, and a strong presence within national and international chambers and associations.

As a chartered engineer with over 29 years of expertise, Shreekant Patil has made significant contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape. His appointment as an Industry Expert, Adjunct Professor, and Advisory Committee Member for the Innovation Council (IIC), Startup, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Development E-Cell at JIT is a testament to his exceptional achievements and skills.

Mr. Shreekant Patil's portfolio boasts an impressive involvement with various esteemed organizations, including MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture), AACCI (Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry), MadeInSwadeshiCCI, NIMA (Nashik Industries & Manufacturers' Association), among others. Holding influential positions within these national and international bodies has allowed him to remain at the forefront of industry developments, shaping policies and fostering collaboration.

In addition to his extensive network, CE. Shreekant Patil is an official mentor for Startup India, a program designed to nurture and guide aspiring entrepreneurs. His mentorship extends beyond this initiative, as he actively supports incubation centres and international foundations, contributing his knowledge and insights to budding entrepreneurs worldwide.

Furthermore, Mr. Shreekant Patil's expertise has been formally recognized by multiple state governments across India, where his mentorship plays a crucial role in their development initiatives. His invaluable guidance has proven instrumental in fostering innovation, attracting investments, and propelling economic growth within these regions.
Shreekant Patil is chairman and mentor at the NIMA Startup Hub, nurturing startups in Nashik and creating a startup ecosystem in Nashik.
JIT's selection of Shreekant Patil as an Adjunct Professor, and Advisory Committee Member illustrates the institute's commitment to providing its students with unparalleled opportunities for growth and success. By harnessing Mr. Patil's vast experience and expansive network, JIT aims to create an ecosystem that fosters innovation, promotes entrepreneurship, and enables the transformation of ideas into impactful startups.

"We are thrilled to welcome CE. Shreekant Patil to our esteemed team at JIT," said Prof. Sanjay Aswar, Head E-Cell at JIT. "His remarkable accomplishments and profound industry knowledge will undoubtedly inspire and guide our students towards unlocking their potential. With his mentorship, we aim to cultivate the next generation of successful entrepreneurs."

As JIT continues its journey towards excellence, the collaboration with Shreekant Patil will further strengthen and expand their innovation ecosystem. Through this partnership, JIT seeks to empower students, faculty, and the surrounding community to embrace innovation, drive entrepreneurship, and contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem.

About Jawahar Education Society's Institute of Technology Management & Research (JIT)
JIT is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing quality technical education and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among its students. With a range of programs and initiatives, JIT equips students with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen fields. Committed to holistic development, JIT aims to produce competent professionals who can make a positive impact on industry and society.

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