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Super Power Electric Supports Energy Saving Efforts For Red Bank Customers With EV Charger Installations

2024-07-14 09:45:46 Industry


Red Bank, New Jersey- August 1, 2023- Environmental awareness is at the top of everyone's agenda. Now is the perfect time to start changing to more energy-efficient options, which can benefit the environment and save you money. For most, this means switching to fully electric or hybrid vehicles. Unfortunately, charging at home can be a slow process, and charging at a public charger can get expensive.

Super Power Electric is excited to announce the availability of energy-efficient electrical solutions, including installing EV chargers. These additions to a home or business can make it easier than ever for people to charge their vehicles, whether it be overnight or while running into the grocery store.

A representative for Super Power Electric mentions, ?If you own or want to buy an electric car to minimize your carbon footprint, investing in an EV charging station is a great idea. Not only is investing in this installation more convenient for you, but it also saves a lot of money on charging costs in the long run.?

The local Red Bank electrical company provides customers with three levels of EV charging stations?level one basic, level two more power, and level three industrial. Each of these requires a different level of installation and can be difficult. Thankfully, with the help of Super Power Electric, customers never have to worry about the quality of installation.
Guarantee of quality installation is something customers value, and the electrical company is thrilled to provide. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, should an issue arise, customers can contact their electrician for help.

Home and business owners might now know if their electrical system can support an EV charger added. One of the licensed electricians at Super Power Electric can answer this question. They will review the current system's status, whether it is over 100 amps, and what type of charger the customer would like to install. These factors will determine what setup would best fit their customer's needs and ensure that there are no issues like power outages associated with the installation.

Whether convenience is the goal or you want to save money by skipping public charging, installing a new electric vehicle charger, like a Tesla Powerwall, can be an excellent upgrade. EV car chargers can be installed for any brand that uses electric charging technology, like Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Tesla, and Volkswagen.

Super Power Electric also offers a 5-year guarantee on all of their electrical work and is available 24/7/365 should their customers have any problems.

For more information about Super Power Electric, please visit their website To request services or if you have questions, please call (732) 537-8487 or

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