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Rely+On Virkon from LANXESS proven highly effective against yeast Candida auris

2024-06-12 03:33:18 Industry


Mumbai, July 31, 2023 ? The broad spectrum disinfectant Rely+On Virkon from specialty chemicals company LANXESS has proven effective against the yeast Candida auris. Thus, it can be used as disinfectant in healthcare and institutional facilities where an infection with the drug resistant yeast is either demonstrated, indeed suspected or should be prevented from the start. The disinfectant is effective at short contact times (0.75% in 5 minutes according to EN 1650) and enables hard surface disinfection and decontamination. In addition, it is also suitable for laboratory related applications.

Anneliese Bischof, Head of the Business Line CARE at LANXESS? Material Protection Products business unit, says: ?Practicing good hygiene must always be a part of our everyday routines, but the selection of a disinfectant proven to kill key pathogens is crucial.?

With cases of drug resistant pathogens continuing to cause significant concerns in healthcare facilities around the world, government health departments are providing advice and guidance on how to better prevent their transmission with hygiene and disinfection remaining of the utmost importance. The US CDC reports that 90 percent of Candida auris isolates are resistant to at least one antifungal medication, and 30 percent of them are resistant to at least two antifungal medications.

?Therefore, utilizing Rely+On Virkon as a surface disinfectant for the purposes of infection control can help to disinfect areas where a high risk of Candida auris transmission exists, and consequently reduce the risk of infection to patients, and both medical and laboratory staff,? Bischof concludes.

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User :- Aarushi Jadhav


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