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Pheezee - physiotherapy monitoring device developed by Hyderabad startup Startoon Labs gets USFDA clearance

2024-07-13 02:53:49 Health and Fitness


Physiotherapy is an essential part of the recovery process for patients following an injury or surgery. However, tracking progress and ensuring exercises are being done properly can be challenging for both the physiotherapist and the patient. This is where medical equipment such as Pheezee, a wearable gadget by Startoon Labs, comes in.

Pheezee is a USFDA 510k Cleared medical technology device designed to offer real-time electromyogram (EMG) and range of motion (ROM) biofeedback for patients undergoing physiotherapy. This medical equipment can connect wirelessly to an Android phone or tablet to display progress reports that can be broken down by sessions, weeks, months, and overall as necessary. Pheezee is particularly useful for examining the spinal cord, and upper, and lower limbs.

This medical equipment operates by measuring the patient's muscle response to the nerve activating the muscle using EMG as well as additional metrics such as range of motion and repetition counting. Pheezee includes motion sensors to track a variety of movements and an integrated ARM microcontroller for data collection and processing. The Pheezee consists of two modules, one worn above and one below the ankle. During exercise, the device wirelessly connects to an Android phone to measure ROM in real-time, with the smallest ROM measurement count being 1 degree.

Pheezee has been verified for precision by the Indian Orthopedic Research Group. To gauge ROM, 20 healthy people completed dorsiflexion and plantar flexion examinations. Goniometer Records found that ROM measures had a 96 percent accuracy rate when compared to a traditional CE-certified goniometer and a digital goniometer app. This medical equipment offers the patient and the physiotherapist many advantages, including calculating the dynamic range of motion by measuring the strength of muscle contractions. Pheezee creates reports for each session to aid in monitoring progressive healing, and when the patient reaches their objectives, they are reminded, and reports can be generated and given to the patient's carers and medical staff. Remote monitoring is also possible when the patient is not in rehab, which helps keep the patient responsible and on track.

This medical technology, including remote patient monitoring, has significantly advanced the physiotherapy industry. Medical equipment suppliers and medical equipment manufacturers now offer new tech medical devices such as Pheezee, making it simpler for both the patient and the physiotherapist to track progress and make sure that exercises are carried out correctly by offering real-time feedback, accurate ROM measurement, and helpful reports. Pain assessment is another crucial aspect of physiotherapy, and medical equipment stores such as surgical shops near me offer a wide range of pain assessment tools and pain scales to assess and manage pain levels in patients.

In conclusion, medical technology devices such as Pheezee and remote patient monitoring devices list for physical therapy have revolutionized the physiotherapy industry. These advancements in medical technology have made it easier for patients to recuperate more rapidly, with fewer side effects, and to resume their regular activities as soon as feasible. Medical suppliers and physiotherapy equipment manufacturers can now offer physiotherapy machines and equipment that significantly improve patient outcomes and streamline the physiotherapy process. Get a 2-Week Free Pheezee demo by clicking here

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