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Ollie D, White Jamaican Reggae Artist, Pledges to Raise $1 Million for Jack's River Primary School's Computer Lab

2024-06-23 08:38:35 Education


July 23, 2023, Ocho Rios, Jamaica: Jamaica's music scene is renowned for its vibrant reggae rhythms and captivating artists, and one name that has been making waves recently is Ollie D, a talented white Jamaican reggae sensation. With a heart as warm as the Caribbean sun, Ollie D has taken upon himself a remarkable mission to raise $1 million for Jack's River Primary School, located in the picturesque town of Jack's River, St. Mary. The funds will be utilized to establish a state-of-the-art computer lab, empowering the students with modern technology and opening doors to a brighter future.

Ollie D, also known as Oliver del Camino, has captured the hearts of music lovers both locally and internationally with his soulful reggae melodies. As he gears up to release his highly anticipated new single, 'Bing Bong,' on September 29, 2023, he has committed to using his platform to make a positive impact in his community.

Fundraising for Jack's River Primary School

The fundraising campaign is set to be a multi-faceted effort, combining the power of online donations and a benefit concert. Ollie D's team is working diligently to set up an online crowdfunding platform where fans and supporters worldwide can contribute to the cause. Additionally, the highlight of the campaign will be the benefit concert scheduled for September 29, 2023, at the Eden Park Sports Complex in Jack's River, St. Mary.

Ocho Rios, a vibrant coastal town in Jamaica, is abuzz with excitement over Ollie D's charitable endeavors. The community has always cherished its talented artists, and seeing one of their own giving back in such a meaningful way has stirred a sense of unity and pride.

Jack's River Primary School, nestled amidst lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, has been an integral part of the local community for generations. Despite its cultural significance, the school has faced challenges in providing modern resources to its students, hindering their access to essential tools for education and growth.

Through the fundraising efforts, Ollie D aims to bridge this gap and bring a technological revolution to Jack's River Primary School. The envisioned computer lab will be equipped with the latest computers, software, and internet connectivity, enabling the students to expand their horizons and embrace the digital age.

Charity to Improve the Impoverished

In an exclusive interview, Ollie D expressed his passion for education and the desire to make a meaningful change in his homeland. "Music has the power to bring people together, and now, with 'Bing Bong' coming soon, I see the perfect opportunity to unite music lovers in supporting a cause that can transform lives," he said.

The benefit concert at the Eden Park Sports Complex promises to be a night of mesmerizing performances, with Ollie D taking center stage alongside some of Jamaica's most celebrated reggae artists. All proceeds from the event, including ticket sales and merchandise, will go directly towards the computer lab project.

The initiative has garnered widespread support, with local businesses, organizations, and fans rallying behind Ollie D's mission to uplift the community. Social media platforms are buzzing with hashtags like #OllieDGivesBack and #BingBongForACause, spreading the word and inspiring more people to contribute to the cause.


As the countdown to September 29, 2023, begins, Ollie D's vision of a brighter future for the students at Jack's River Primary School seems more achievable than ever. The union of reggae music and philanthropy is poised to leave a lasting impact on the lives of young learners, and the entire community is eagerly awaiting the momentous day when they can witness the culmination of this noble endeavor.

Ollie D's Music

Online Donations Campaign for Jack's River Primary School's Computer Lab

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