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HCF Creates Creative Packaging Design for Zoopy and Real Namkeen

2024-05-26 08:03:22 Design


For any brand, following a marketing plan is the key to achieving success. A marketing plan includes identifying target audience, planning a brand strategy, packaging design for a product, and advertising the product to the target audience by communicating through different means, such as print ads, radio ads, and hoardings. Planning and implementing a brand strategy and getting expected results is a tough challenge. After identifying the target audience, the second step of marketing strategy is packaging design. The product is not the first thing a customer comes across. Product packaging is the first thing that catches the eyes of the customers. If the packaging is convincing enough, then customers are inclined to purchase. The next step in the strategy is to communicate with the audience. It is an important task for a brand to form a strong communication and market the products properly to get desired responses from them. Let?s take a look at the implementation of marketing strategy of different successful brands based out of Ahmedabad, executed by a branding and advertising agency, Hetarsh Creative Force.

Real Namkeen
Real Namkeen has become an everyday snack in Gujarati households with its wide range of products. The brand offers snacks for every meal, be it breakfast, evening munching, or midnight snack. One can find Real?s wide variety of snacks for occasions like upvas (Fast) too. Real?s creative partner, HCF (Hetarsh Creative Force) has created product packaging that is relevant and relatable to the audience. The target audience of Real Namkeen includes a diverse range so it is a challenging task to come up with a design that pleases majority of them. Here, the agency has done a commendable job at achieving the task successfully. They have also formed a strong communication between the brand and customers by creating effective outdoor campaigns and brochure designs for the brand. They have started a Farali Campaign with the tagline ?Ab Sab Rakhenge Upwas? for Shravan month and hoardings of the same are spread all across the city of Ahmedabad. The customers of Real Namkeen have responded to the campaigns and marketing of products and its packaging as expected by the brand and HCF.

Real Bakers
Real Bakers offers a wide range of products like cakes, breads, cupcakes, cookies, and other bakery items. It is essential to create a packaging design which is irresistible and enticing to the target audience. Again, HCF has created the product packaging of Real bakers keeping in mind the certain elements like colours and visual aids. To name a few, the packets of Khari and Rusk are created with bright colours to reflect bright mornings, since it is usually consumed in the mornings. While the packaging is attractive and enticing enough, they have found amazing and creative ideas to let people know about their products by coming up with interesting outdoor campaigns, hoardings, print ads, standees and danglers. For instance, the agency has pulled off the outdoor campaign for mango cake fest which has now become an annual occurrence for the brand. They have also crafted the communication link to launch the new offering of Midnight Cake delivery for birthdays.

Zoopy Noodles
Zoopy noodles has marked its foot in the market by implementing a perfect marketing strategy with the help of their marketing partner HCF. Zoopy has designed its packaging keeping in mind to ?capture the attention of the audience?. Their face-of-the-brand-product comes in yellow packaging as the colour is eye-catching and has better visibility. The other products also have vibrant packaging. For instance, spicy noodles are designed in red packaging. Zoopy Noodles packaging design follows packaging design significant elements. In every products? design they have shown the prime feature of their product i.e Healthy snack through the visual elements like vegetables. Talking about the communication for the brand, the creative agency has delivered the line ?Mere Dil Khayeja Zoo Zoo Zoopy Zoopy Zoopy? for a fun element and to be imprinted in the minds of the target audience. The brand has conveyed their message through different mediums like digital media and traditional posters and banners.

About the company:
Hetarsh Creative Force is one of the leading branding and advertising agencies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. What started out as Hetarsh Communications in 2004 by Amit Parikh, soon became a place for creative marketing collaterals.

Contact Us:
Hetarsh Creative Force - HCF
Tel: +91-9825399166
Address: 303, 304 Aaryan WorkSpaces, St. Xavier?s College Corner, Off CG Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat ? 380009

Company :-Hetarsh Creative Force - HCF

User :- Amit Parikh


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