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Wings Learning Community (WLC) Conducts English Language Lessons

2024-06-14 05:34:23 Education


The family-owned and -operated Wings Learning Community (WLC) is proud to introduce its selection of online English lessons, English Immersion Camps, and guardianship support for young overseas students. WLC is committed to offering the best English language services available. WLC offers individualized and interesting English language training tailored to match the specific needs of each student, with an emphasis on kids ages 8 to 16 from Korea, Japan, and China. WLC is pleased to provide online courses instructing English in five important subjects, including math and science (STEAM). Students can enroll in these courses from any location, making it simple and practical to get access to top-notch English language education.

The owner of Wings Learning Community (WLC) owner, Sunha Bak, remarked, "We are delighted to offer our spectrum of English language services to students from Korea, Japan, and China." At WLC, they are committed to entertainingly offering top-notch English language teaching. Their knowledgeable faculty is devoted to assisting each student in realizing their best potential?academically and personally. The WLC team comprises certified, experienced English language teachers who provide individualized instruction and attention depending on each child's language proficiency and unique needs. WLC executes various English language services to meet your kid's needs, whether they are just beginning or hoping to improve their English abilities.

In Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Wings Learning Community (WLC) offers English Immersion Camps for kids seeking a more comprehensive English language education. These programs, held every summer and winter, give students a chance to live in Canada for a few months while improving their English abilities and making friends from all over the world. Moreover, WLC suggests guardianship support for foreign students who want to pursue long-term studies in Canada. WLC puts a lot of effort into making sure that international students feel encouraged and nourished throughout their studies in Canada since they are deeply committed to treating their students like family. Because WLC offers a positive learning experience that is enjoyable and interesting, your child will adore learning English with them.

With a distinguished track record of success, students of Wings Learning Community (WLC) become proficient in English and value their time with the team. Parents continue to refer WLC to others, knowing that their child will receive personalized attention and care. Visit the page to learn more about the offers and services for English language coaching.

Company :-Wings Learning Community (WLC)

User :- Sunha Bak


Phone :-+1 778 581 7830

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