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Dr Rahul Guru, a Consultant in Pain Medicine Announces the Launch of His Website

2023-11-30 02:55:41 Health and Fitness


Pain that persists for more than three months is called chronic pain. Chronic pain can cause significant functional disability, emotional distress and economic burden. Between one-third to one-half of the UK population suffers from chronic pain, and 10-15 % experience moderate to severe disabling chronic pain. The prevalence of chronic pain is higher in women and increases with age. People with chronic pain are advised to consult a pain management doctor for a complete pain management consultation. Chronic pain develops due to a dynamic interplay between biological, social and psychosocial factors. This is known as the biopsychosocial model of chronic pain. Dr Rahul Guru is a Pain Medicine/Management consultant who assesses and manages his chronic pain patients using the biopsychosocial approach.

If you are looking for a chronic pain consultant, please get in touch with Dr Rahul Guru via his website – Dr Guru’s focus is to help his patients relieve their pain. He treats patients with various types of chronic pain conditions. He specialises in the treatment of spinal pain (back pain and neck pain), neuropathic pain (nerve pain), migraine (Botox for migraine) and cancer pain. The launch of his website has made it easier for his patients to refer to all his procedures performed and his expert opinions on the articles and research projects on the latest pain management procedures and medical advancements. The website has a detailed list of the chronic pain conditions he treats.

Patients have given good feedback to Dr Guru. A patient diagnosed with chronic back pain and underwent a procedure performed by Dr Guru said,” I had been struggling with back pain for many years. Over the years, I have tried many strategies and changed many practitioners because of no sustainable results for my back pain. It was difficult for me to continue my job and day-to-day activities. Even sleeping became a problem. But after Dr Guru performed a procedure known as an “ablation procedure” on my spine, I was surprised to find that I was relieved of my chronic back pain. I am leading a normal life now. Thank you for making this happen!”

About The Doctor:

Dr Guru works in the NHS as a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics at the University Hospital of Wales and the University Hospital of Llandough. He treats patients with various types of chronic pain. Dr Guru actively attends conferences and participates in workshops to keep himself up to date with the recent advancements in pain management procedures and techniques. He has successfully led research projects and published articles in medical journals. Dr Guru teaches pain medicine to medical students and trainees and has been a faculty at medical conferences and courses. He trains junior doctors in pain medicine at the University Hospital of Wales. If you are looking for a pain clinic in Cardiff, South Wales, online find Dr Rahul Guru, a pain medicine consultant in Cardiff, South Wales; visit

Company :-Cardiff Pain Clinic

User :- Dr Rahul Guru

Phone :-07438 373 884

Url :-

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