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The Burnratty Investment Group Joins the Raise Capital Program Seeking a Capital of $3M.

2024-06-21 03:09:48 Business


Dubai, 10th Jun 2023: The Burnratty Investment Group is a visionary startup poised to reshape the highly fragmented multi-billion-dollar African healthcare sector. With a strategic focus on mergers and acquisitions, the coampny's mission is to dominate and consolidate the industry, becoming the leading healthcare provider, researcher, influencer, and health technology giant on the African continent by 2026.

The Burnratty Investment Group is based in Uganda and is raising $3M with the help of the Raise Capital program.The program is aimed at seed, series A, series B, and Series C startups that are looking for funding. It utilizes an AI system and applies a warm introduction approach to make a successful matching system that connects the founders with the right funding sources (angel investors, VCs, lenders, and others).

Aside from the Raise Capital program, Faster capital also provides tech development services through its Tech Cofounder program and invests in the startup covering 50% of the costs. FasterCapital also helps startups increase their sales, expand their customers, and improve their overall sales performance through Grow your Startup program.

Mukisa Joshua William, founder, and CEO of the Burnratty Group, is a graduate with First class honors in information systems, track business computing & E-commerce. Project manager, and was working on idea development since 2018.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, comments, ?We welcome the team at the Burnratty Investment Group and are glad to be working with them on raising the capital they need.?

Contact Information:
306, Office Court Building, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE

Company :-FasterCapital

User :- Rasha Almasri


Phone :-+971 5558 55663

Url :-

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