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Mission Comfort Unveils Energy-Saving Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer

2024-04-23 11:52:59 Industry


Waldorf, MD- June 9, 2023- Growing tired of high electric bills, and it's not even July yet? Running the air conditioner all the time is commonplace in most homes throughout the summer. Unfortunately, with constant use comes an inflated energy bill. What if you could save 10% or more off the cooling bill? With the tips offered by Mission Comfort, homeowners can see a drastic reduction in energy usage, not to mention extending the life of the air conditioning system.

One key tip from Mission Comfort is to adjust the thermostat. By raising it by 10 degrees above the normal summer setting, homeowners can save a significant portion of their electric bill. "Gradually increasing the temperature allows the household to acclimate to the change, rather than experiencing a sudden 10-degree jump," suggests the local HVAC company.

Having tons of natural light is great for winter and soaking up extra heat. But, UV rays can contribute to higher energy costs. Keeping windows covered with blinds, curtains, or drapes is a great way to reduce additional heat absorption. In addition to lower electric bills, your air conditioner won't need to run as often, which can reduce repair costs.

Maintenance isn?t just for cars! It?s also a vital part of keeping energy costs down with heating and cooling. Mission Comfort shares that preventive maintenance is often a missed opportunity for homeowners and a service everyone should consider.

Something as simple as replacing an air filter can reduce the cost of running the AC. A clogged air filter can cause the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to, which puts added stress on components. Mission Comfort emphasizes, ?Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every 30-90 days.?

Annual maintenance on the cooling system can also identify trouble areas that should be addressed. Mission Comfort features a Comfort Club membership available to homeowners in the Waldorf area. The highlights of the Comfort Club include a safety inspection of the AC as well as maintenance. Customers can also enjoy discounts on repairs, free service calls with completed repairs, and much more.

Lastly, Mission Comfort advises homeowners not to delay replacing an inefficient air conditioner, as the costs of operation can be exorbitant. Older models and units requiring frequent repairs are particularly energy-inefficient. If facing a significant repair bill for a unit that is ten years or older, upgrading to a new Energy Star AC with a high SEER rating is recommended.

Mission Comfort serves customers throughout the Waldorf area. They offer everything customers need for maximum comfort all year while reducing energy expenses. Take advantage of their affordable, professional services today, including new AC installation, repairs, and maintenance. Don?t forget to sign up for the Comfort Club to receive great discounts and included annual maintenance visits.

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