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Global Squirrels Expands its Reach to Bangladesh, Facilitating Seamless Hiring and Compliance Solutions

2024-06-07 06:44:49 Business


In the era of a rapidly expanding hybrid workforce, Global Squirrels, a leading global compliance and payroll platform, has set its sights on Bangladesh as it launches its operations in the country.
Bangladesh has made significant progress in its education system, producing a large pool of skilled and educated professionals. The country has numerous reputable universities and technical institutes that equip students with relevant knowledge and expertise in various fields.
Bangladesh's information technology (IT) industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. The country has a vibrant startup ecosystem and a rapidly expanding IT workforce. Bangladeshi IT professionals are skilled in software development, web development, mobile app development, data analysis, and other IT-related fields, making them valuable assets for tech-oriented organizations.
As the professional landscape evolves, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to attract and retain talent. With the increasing accessibility of remote work for companies worldwide, platforms like Global Squirrels are instrumental in helping businesses enter new markets and facilitate remote hiring talent from anywhere, without the need to establish a physical presence.
Global Squirrels tech-enabled self-service platform streamlines the process of managing multiple teams and contractors, as well as balancing payroll across various markets, all through a single centralized platform.
By partnering with highly experienced legal, accounting, mobility, and tax experts, businesses can effortlessly create, sign, and send localized contracts through Global Squirrels. This approach guarantees that employment contracts are in full compliance with local regulatory bodies and labor laws, drawing from an extensive library of templates and enabling seamless payroll management in multiple currencies.
In reality, many organizations face significant roadblocks when it comes to hiring international talent, even in the age of remote work. Establishing an entity in a foreign market can entail compliance risks and lengthy processes, often averaging six to eight months. Global Squirrels? expertise in compliance addresses these challenges, equipping businesses with the necessary tools to expand, hire, and remunerate teams more efficiently than ever before.
"Our aim is to ensure businesses have access to the best talent, irrespective of geographical boundaries, and can seamlessly integrate them into their workforce. Our technology streamlines the process of managing teams and vendors worldwide while ensuring compliance with local tax and legislation requirements," stated Santosh, Head of Product Marketing, Global Squirrels.
With the advent of this platform, businesses overseas can now tap into Bangladesh's skilled talent pool. They can efficiently onboard individuals in a compliant manner without the need for a local entity. Global Squirrels continues to revolutionize the hiring landscape, empowering organizations to navigate global talent acquisition effortlessly and drive growth in the evolving professional landscape.

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