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Faridoddin Faridsr Appointed as Patron of Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum

2024-06-20 02:10:41 News & Society


New Delhi, 27th May 2023 ? The Indo Iran Film and Cultural Forum of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, known for its remarkable contributions over the past decade, has appointed Dr. Faridoddin Faridsr as its esteemed patron. The forum has been instrumental in organizing film shows, cultural events, film festivals, cultural weeks, and hosting visits from prominent dignitaries, fostering a continuous exchange between the two nations.

In a significant meeting between the representatives of India and Iran, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of the forum, presented the patronship to Dr. Faridoddin Faridsr, Counsellor and Director of Iran Cultural House, Embassy of Iran in New Delhi. The hour-long discussion yielded a multitude of ideas on enhancing bilateral relations between Iran and India through art and culture.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Faridoddin Faridsr conveyed his appreciation to Dr. Sandeep Marwah for his earnest efforts in promoting India-Iran relations through the powerful medium of art and culture.

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