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Solh Wellness Celebrates Motherhood and Empowers Mothers with Solh Fiesta: A Virtual Mental Health Mela

2023-09-30 06:07:51 Health and Fitness


Solh Wellness is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of its month-long campaign, Solh Fiesta. This empowering initiative celebrated motherhood and nurtured mothers' mental health through engaging activities and expert sessions. The campaign reached a staggering 3.3 million people, fostering a lasting impact.

Throughout May, Solh Wellness presented a diverse range of activities, resources, and expert sessions, emphasizing the importance of supporting and prioritizing mothers' mental health. The campaign revolved around specific weekly themes, encompassing various aspects of a mother's experience, such as parenting, hormones and sanity, hypertension, motherhood, and financial empowerment. Over 30+ experts shared their insights and conducted more than 40 activities on the Solh app, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, and more, fostering connections among 706 participants who were in attendance at the sessions. This empowering initiative offered a wide range of content, from interviews and sound therapy to art therapy and Untold Solh columns, catering to the unique needs of mothers.
With the campaign's unwavering commitment to empowering mothers, Solh Fiesta left a lasting impact on mental well-being. Through various platforms, Solh Fiesta reached an astounding total of 3,384,565 people, spreading its empowering message far and wide. The campaign resonated with 17,502 individuals on YouTube, touched the lives of 3,366,357 people on Instagram, and engaged 850,044 individuals on Facebook. Additionally, the Solh app fostered connections with 706 users, further expanding the reach and impact of Solh Fiesta.

Through its engaging sessions and activities, the campaign provided mothers with tools to achieve and maintain good mental health. The #MomMeTime support group on the Solh app was pivotal in fostering connection and offering a safe space for mothers to prioritize their well-being.

On May 31st, Solh Fiesta reached its grand finale, featuring an incredible lineup of experts who provided holistic healing experiences for mothers. The sessions were as follows:

Yogic Bliss for Moms: Connecting with Inner Harmony
Yogi Rahul, Founder, Shiv Sutra Yogshala, guided mothers in connecting with their inner harmony through yoga, providing a rejuvenating and uplifting experience.

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