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Gathr Brings Integration, Machine Learning, Insights, & Automation Together As World’s First Data-to-Outcome Platform

2024-07-11 11:01:03 Technology


Los Gatos, California, United States, June 06, 2023 ? Gathr is now the world?s first and only zero-code platform for building ML-powered, data-to-outcome applications for data at scale. Bringing data integration, machine learning, analytics and insights, and process automation capabilities over a single platform, Gathr will significantly shorten the data-to-outcome journeys for enterprises.

The platform provides a unified experience for data collection, transformation, insights, predictions, recommendations, and actions, helping enterprises reach outcomes faster than ever. It will eliminate the need for various point solutions, break data silos, and drive cost efficiencies across the data life cycle, enabling faster time-to-value for enterprises.

?The need for better, simpler, and efficient ways to harness data-at-scale is more acute than ever. Gathr not only meets such evolving needs but also ensures enterprises remain future-ready with its open and extensible architecture. The platform will enable them to accelerate innovation and achieve transformative growth. As per our experience and internal assessments, we can say that enterprises can easily achieve up to 50x faster outcomes on data with Gathr, cutting all the grunt work and hassles of multiple tools,? said P.C.Kiran Kumar, CEO, Gathr.

Gathr also offers several ready-to-use apps for Data Ingestion, ETL/ELT, MLOps, DevOps, Cloud Cost Control, Process Automation, and more. The platform retains its self-service core with a drag-and-drop UI, 300+ pre-built connectors and operators, and automated pipelines and workflows ? all of which make application development easier for enterprise teams with different skills. As a result, the platform is poised to enhance further collaboration between data engineers, data scientists, ops engineers, and business users.

Gathr has been rated highly as a comprehensive data platform by leading analysts and market experts, including Gartner and Forrester. The new platform builds upon Gathr?s recent merger with Klera. With advanced machine learning capabilities, ready-to-use apps and templates, and self-service, no-code UI, the platform will democratize application development across enterprises. As a one-of-its-kind offering, Gathr?s value proposition resonates well with customers? expectations; it bypasses complex, overlapping products and accelerates data-to-outcome journeys.

About Gathr

Gathr is a modern, cloud-native, zero-code platform for data at scale. The platform offers a unified experience to build ML-powered ?data to outcome? applications ? spanning data collection, transformation, insights, predictions, and recommendations. It also offers enterprise-grade capabilities for data integration, machine learning, analytics, DevOps, cloud cost control, process automation, and more.

With a drag-and-drop UI, 300+ built-in connectors, and 100+ out-of-the-box apps and templates, anyone can build applications in minutes, irrespective of their skills. It enables easy collaboration among data engineers, data scientists, ops engineers, and business users, helping them launch innovative solutions to the market faster than ever before. Moreover, being an open, extensible, and cloud-agnostic platform, Gathr meets the ever-evolving technology and market demands.

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