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Fairmont Jaipur spearheading initiatives for Greening the Pink City with Sustainable Practices

2024-06-19 04:24:35 Environment


5th June, National: Fairmont Jaipur, the flagship luxury property of the hotel chain in India, has sustainability at the heart of its operations. With a focus on conscious culinary experiences, community support, waste management, and resource conservation, Fairmont Jaipur is spearheading initiatives to pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

At the forefront of its sustainability efforts, Fairmont Jaipur has implemented comprehensive waste reduction measures, prioritizing the principles of recycle, reuse, and reduce. Through its sewage treatment plant (STP), over 200 KL of wastewater is recycled and repurposed for cooling towers, flushing, and horticulture, saving 21,933 KL of water versus last year. Furthermore, the hotel has an on-site Organic Waste Converter (OWC) machine that efficiently converts biodegradable food waste into nutrient-rich manure, which is utilized in the hotel's vegetable and herb garden, promoting sustainable agriculture practices and conserving soil quality.

Taking a significant step towards reducing pollution, hotel has introduced plastic-free alternatives for in-room amenities, such as soap dispensers, combs, toothbrushes, refillable bottles, sugar sachets, and stirrers. In addition, the hotel has established more than a dozen honeybee apiaries on its premises, supporting regional bee populations and providing guests with fresh, unadulterated honey. Through a partnership with Boon, a WaterTech startup, Fairmont Jaipur has embraced a circular economy approach for glass water, resulting in a significant reduction of 1,460 kgs of plastic bottle waste annually. The hotel's 'Soap for Hope' program recycles and repurposes hand-wash soaps from guest rooms to benefit underprivileged communities.

Energy conservation is another key focus area for Fairmont Jaipur. The property harnesses solar power through the installation of solar panels, generating electricity not only for its own operations but also for nearby villages, positively impacting the local community. Additionally, the hotel has implemented sustainable practices such as banning overfished species, utilizing free-range eggs, employing eco-friendly cleaning products, offering ecologically conscious welcome gifts, utilizing wooden magnetic key cards, and providing 5 EV charging stations for electric cars.

Alongside, in line with its commitment to supporting local communities Fairmont Jaipur's 'Vocal for Local' initiative helps provide education opportunities and employs 'Heartists' from the surrounding community, promoting Rajasthani hospitality, handicrafts, and traditions. In addition, the hotel showcases the works of local artists and craftspeople, fostering economic growth and cultural preservation. By sourcing clay utensils and pottery from nearby villages, Fairmont Jaipur not only generates income for local artisans but also contributes to waste reduction by donating black-stained plates to local schools, avoiding soil pollution caused by traditional cutlery and glass.

Fairmont Jaipur's sustainable practices align with its vision for a future where Earth's natural resources are preserved, local communities empowered, and the hospitality industry serves as a catalyst for positive change.

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