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Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave 2023 Concluded Successfully in New Delhi

2024-06-11 05:14:33 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi, June 5, 2023 - The Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave 2023, a prestigious gathering of industry leaders, policymakers, and technology innovators, concluded successfully on May 26th in New Delhi. The GEDC 2023 brought together experts from around the world to discuss and accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector. With a focus on fostering collaboration and exploring cutting-edge technologies, the conclave provided a platform for valuable insights and meaningful discussions on the future of global energy.

Hosted by the iCONEX and SESPro, the Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave aimed to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the digital revolution in the energy sector. The event witnessed an unprecedented gathering of more than 300+ participants, including policymakers, CEOs, CIOs, technology experts and thought leaders, who collectively represented a wide spectrum of the global energy ecosystem.

The conclave's agenda encompassed a diverse range of topics including Regulatory Framework, IT & OT, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, Safety, Startup Role and Customer Experience. The sessions delved into the transformative potential of digital technologies and explored strategies to accelerate their adoption across the energy value chain. The 2-day event witnessed several panel discussions, technical sessions & fireside chat as well. The GEDC 2023 also hosted an exhibition for companies like: IGL, SAP India, 6th Energy, AGGCON, Jurong Digital, KONGSBERG, SixD and Tricentis to showcase their innovative solutions that can speed up the digitalisation process of the energy sector. The exhibition provided a glimpse into the future of energy technology, where participants had the opportunity to engage directly with industry pioneers and explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

Keynote speeches and panel discussions featured renowned industry leaders and experts, who shared their experiences and vision for a digitally empowered energy future. The event showcased success stories, case studies, and best practices from across the globe, highlighting innovative solutions and emerging trends in energy digitalisation.

The Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave also facilitated meaningful dialogue between governments and businesses. High-level policymakers discussed policy frameworks, regulatory challenges, and the role of public-private partnerships in promoting energy digitalisation. The conclave provided a platform for policymakers to gain insights into global best practices and innovative policy approaches that can accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector.

The event culminated in the New Delhi, which outlining the shared commitment to harness the power of digital technologies for a sustainable and resilient energy future. The declaration emphasized the need for cross-sector collaboration, capacity building, and knowledge sharing to overcome barriers and unlock the full potential of digitalisation in the energy sector.

Mr. HP Singh,Former Executive Director ? CIO, ONGC and Conference Chairman of GEDC 2023, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the conclave, stating, "The Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave has provided a crucial platform for global stakeholders to exchange ideas, share experiences, and chart the course for the digital transformation of the energy sector. We are committed to leveraging digital technologies to enhance energy efficiency, increase renewable energy integration, and drive sustainable growth."

The success of the Global Energy Digitalisation Conclave reflects the growing recognition of the significance of digitalisation in shaping the future of the energy sector. The event has paved the way for greater collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action in harnessing the potential of digital technologies to address energy challenges and accelerate the transition to a clean, affordable, and sustainable energy future.

The GEDC 2023 was supported by the leading energy companies and technology players including ONGC, OIL, HPCL, IGL, MRPL, Accenture, Schlumberger, SAP India, Simulanis, and others. The organisers of the event decided to carry this digitalisation journey forward and expected to come up with the next edition of the GEDC during 20-21 June 2024.


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