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Database Workbench 6.2.0 is Ready for Download

2024-07-15 05:38:44 Computer


April 24, 2023: Upscene Productions launches the new version of Database Workbench - a popular multi-DBMS development tool. This release brings support for the latest PostgreSQL versions and new features in general.

One of the major changes in Database Workbench 6.2.0 is the new object selection box in the Object Editors: much faster on a large number of objects and it now includes a filter for easier usage.

Other new features include:

* Full PostgreSQL 14 and 15 support
* Support for Windows Terminal Server
* Support for PostgreSQL stored function overloading
* CSV BLOB export to Base64
* Search Database improvements

And there are more small enhancements and bugfixes:


* General: Also search 'defaults' in Database Search tool
* General: Ability to cancel ongoing database search
* General: 'Copy to clipboard' button on Messages debug window
* General: Dropdown object selector in Object Editors/etc now include more info and filter box
* PostgreSQL Module: Support for Stored Functions that return RECORD


* Data Import & Export: Increase line size limit for CSV import
* Firebird Module: Improved support for WITH TIME ZONE data types
* PostgreSQL Module: PostgreSQL Stored Procedure/Function template changed due to PostgreSQL 14 changes in DDL


* Firebird Module: Database Connections activity monitor fails due to timestamp time zone issue
* General: Copying a SQL result row to clipboard, while the data pointer is at EOF, results in Access Violation
* General: Possible local config server failure when there's another application using same port
* General: Using "refresh meta data from database" with open editors will result in access violations
* General: "Unhandled object type" for DBMSes that don't support Materialized Views when doing Refresh List on Triggers
* General: SQL Pages error when loading multiple pages with existing database connection
* General: Fontsize for check constraints in Domain Editors is too large when using 100+% font size in Windows
* InterBase Module: "Interface not supported" error on opening Generator in Editor on older versions of InterBase
* Microsoft SQL Server Module: Creating Stored Procedure/Function/Type on non-dbo schema, creates object in dbo schema
* MySQL Module: Binary defaults not handled when fetching meta data in older versions of MySQL due to MySQL bug
* Oracle Module: Oracle trigger timing incorrectly fetched from meta data views
* PostgreSQL Module: Possible access violations in Domain Editor with check constraints
* PostgreSQL Module: "List index out of bounds" error on switching to DDL/Modified tab in Enum Type Editor
* PostgreSQL Module: Existing domain check constraints include 1 CHECK too many in DDL
* PostgreSQL Module: Query error when fetching dependencies on PostgreSQL 15

Visit to find more information and try the latest version.

Company :-Upscene Productions

User :- Martijn Tonies


Url :-

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