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Henry Harvin Launches French Language Course in India

2024-07-14 11:04:38 Education


Speaking only one?s mother tongue is never sufficient, especially in today?s extremely diversified world. Although most of us can speak English fluently, learning a second language is still necessary. Thus, Learning French, which is widely spoken worldwide, may be advantageous.

Why Take a French language course in India?

Adding French language proficiency to your resume will add more power to your career. For instance, India, which has a population of over 1.3 billion, attracts many corporate companies. Most of these companies are Europe based, where most of the public speaks French. As a result, it is now more important than ever to acquire a foreign language, like French. Several platforms in India provide French language classes. However, one of the top suppliers of skill-based education, Henry Harvin Academy, recently launched a French language course in India. It would be a wise decision to take French classes in India from Henry Harvin because their French language courses are ranked no:1 in India according to Education World.

Like many other European languages, French is descended from Latin; therefore, it shares similarities with them. As a result, learning other European languages becomes easier if one can speak French. Since millions of tourists come to France and other European nations every year, where French is the official language, learning French will enhance your travel experience, particularly while visiting Europe.

Most Importantly, Learning French opens doors to pursue higher studies in France, which has some of the world?s best universities and schools. Speaking French has a plethora of advantages, in order to know more benefits one has to enrol for a French language course in India.

Henry Harvin:
An online learning platform, initiated in 2013 to deliver skill development programs to individuals as well as organisations. Henry Harvin, which has a portfolio of 800 plus courses across 27 categories, trained more than 4,60,000 individuals till today. Through their top-notch resources and material, they hope to alter the growth of both businesses and individuals. Winning awards such as best online learning platform and best corporate training platform makes Henry Harvin an ideal platform to take a French language course in India.

French Language Course in India by Henry Harvin:
From beginner to expert levels of French language proficiency are covered in their course curriculum. The instructors at Henry Harvin, who have a combined 15+ years of experience in the field, will prepare you to qualify for French language exams like the DELF, DALF, DILF, AND DCL&TCF. Most importantly, they provide career support to aid in your search for your ideal job.

Key Features:

Their course curriculum focuses on helping you become more fluent in French, along with lexis and grammatical concepts. Projects, internships, hackathons, gold membership, and others are additional features offered by Henry Harvin's distinctive 9-in-1 training module. Live projects are facilitated throughout training since they support practical learning. Their post-training internship programme also guarantees practical learning. Additionally, as part of their 9-in-1 programme, their masterclass workshops offer soft-skill training to hone interviewing abilities.

Most importantly, their course materials and recorded class videos are available anytime through their E-learning platform. After completing the course, you can confidently express your thoughts and opinions while speaking about the past, present, and future. In particular, you will gain the self-assurance required to succeed on challenging assessments and interviews.

Through their unique job platform, you can apply for jobs. Moreover, their placement support team provides personalised assistance to help you find your dream job. Additionally, they collaborate with over 2100 employers, including start-ups and product firms who recruit their students.

Course Levels:

A1: The Beginner's Level: Learn fundamentals of French Grammer and Vocabulary

A2: The Upper Beginners Level: Develop basic communication skills.

B1: The Intermediate Level: Improve your speaking, writing, and reading abilities to help you form French sentences.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level: Learn challenging texts and French dialects so you can create lengthy presentations.

C1: The Advanced Level: you can understand intricate texts and their underlying meaning. Your speech is consequently fluid.

C2: The Proficiency Level: At this level, you can essentially grasp everything, thus you summarise both written and oral matter.

Cities where Henry Harvin provides a French language course in India:
They provide French classes in more than 11 cities across India. A few cities are Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata.

Other language courses offered by Henry Harvin:
Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and more.

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