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Prabhujee English Medium School Embraces Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Through Collaboration with Kidspreneurship

2024-06-14 04:11:26 Education


[India, May 26, 2023] ? Prabhujee English Medium School, a leading educational institution dedicated to fostering creativity and entrepreneurship among its students, recently organized a dynamic design thinking and innovation workshop. The workshop, which took place from May 23 to May 26, was powered by the renowned Singapore-based company Kidspreneurship.

With the aim of equipping students with essential skills for the 21st century, Prabhujee English Medium School partnered with Kidspreneurship to provide a transformative learning experience. The workshop embraced the principles of design thinking, encouraging students to think critically, collaborate effectively, and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

During the workshop, students were immersed in a hands-on learning environment that fostered creativity, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial thinking. Through a series of engaging activities, students were challenged to identify and analyze problems, brainstorm ideas, prototype solutions, and test their concepts. They were guided by experienced facilitators from Kidspreneurship, who provided mentorship and insights to nurture their innovative mindset. The workshop, conducted in a hybrid manner had trainers from Singapore and a team of trained facilitators on the ground.

The collaboration with Kidspreneurship offered students access to cutting-edge tools and techniques used in the field of design thinking. Through interactive sessions and group exercises, students learned how to empathize with users, define problem statements, generate ideas, and develop prototypes. The workshop also emphasized the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability in the innovation process.

The integration of design thinking and entrepreneurship education aligns with Prabhujee English Medium School's commitment to preparing students for future challenges and opportunities. By empowering students to think creatively, embrace ambiguity, and find innovative solutions, the workshop aimed to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and problem-solving among the participants.

"I am delighted to share that our recent entrepreneurship workshop was incredibly successful! The students who took part exhibited an immense level of excitement and originality. I am certain that they will utilize the skills they acquired during the workshop to make a positive impact in their lives " said Prabhujee English Medium School's Principal, Mr. Abhaya Rath. I would like to express my gratitude to Kidspreneurship for their invaluable contribution in making this workshop a resounding success. It was a pleasure to have them as our partners, and I eagerly anticipate future collaborations with them.

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both students and parents, with participants expressing enthusiasm for the interactive and collaborative learning environment. Students reported an enhanced ability to approach challenges creatively and expressed an increased interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.

About Kidspreneurship

Kidspreneurship is a Singapore-based company that specializes in entrepreneurship education for children and young adults. Through engaging workshops and programs, Kidspreneurship equips students with essential skills such as design thinking, problem-solving, and financial literacy, empowering them to become future entrepreneurs and innovators.

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