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KTM introduces the new KTM 890 SMT

2024-06-18 01:45:49 Automotive


Austrian manufacturer KTM Sport motorcycle AG presents the KTM 890 SMT sport touring motorcycle. The new KTM 890 SMT will arrive at all KTM dealerships in July 2023.

The KTM 890 SMT is the leader in the mid-engine Sports Tourer segment, thanks to its unique features.

Electronic driver assistants - ABS, MTS and specially designed engine settings allow you to get the most out of the motorcycle when driving on the motorway and when overcoming winding mountain roads.

Super moto ABS mode allows the rider to lock the rear wheel as needed. This is an important condition for a confident ride. The ABS function remains active on the front wheel.

The new 9-generation ABS unit allows you to use all the braking power in the middle of the corner. At the same time, a modern 6D sensor constantly monitors and evaluates the current dynamic state of the motorcycle. This improves safety and braking stability.

The advanced 6D inertial measurement module adjusts and controls any rear wheel slip. This prevents uncontrolled lifting of the front wheel. Safety and quick stabilization of the motorcycle during slipping in combination with the MTS traction control system, which monitors the speed of rotation of the rear wheel guaranteed to the rider.

Michelin PowerGP tires are fitted to 17-inch lightweight alloy wheels on the new KTM 890 SMT. These provide low unsprang weight, high handling and driving dynamics. In doing so, the KTM 890 SMT front suspension can be adjusted and tuned for different types of terrain and riding styles.

The KTM 890 SMT features a full size 5" TFT display. The screen is made of mineral glass with an optical coating. This ensures optimum scratch and glare resistance.

The one-piece super moto style seat was designed for the KTM 890 SMT for greater freedom of movement, maximum grip and comfort when traversing mountain passes. The slim shape of the fuel tank has been optimized for precise handling and control when navigating tight corners on hills.

?The new KTM motorcycle impresses with its performance and looks. The KTM 890 SMT has multiple riding modes, ABS and traction control. This provides him with high performance and manageability. SMT Quick shifter+ and Cruise Control are among the optional additions to the KTM 890. The new motorcycle model will be available for KTM AVTODOM customers in July 2023?, - Pavel Dolgov, head of the KTM AVTODOM dealer network, commented.

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