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Cosmos Medical Management announces Free Group NPI with 10 insurance credentialing

2024-06-13 10:49:57 Health and Fitness


COSMOS Medical Management (CMM) has earned an unmatched reputation in providing the best Medical Credentialing Services. CMM recently announced that free group NPI will be done on choosing 10 insurance credentialing services, valid till May 30th

Cosmos Medical Management announces Free Group NPI with 10 insurance credentialing. CMM is back with yet another exciting announcement this month. Free group NPI offer is valid till 30th of May. Every health care provider knows how important it is to be credentialed, in order to meet the regulations of insurance companies. With over twenty years of experience, Cosmos Medical Management has made the credentialing process easier and more accessible to all those who have received its services and for the new providers as well.

Starting 10th of May 2023, medical organizations and health care providers can get free group NPI on a set of 10 insurance credentialing from CMM. When a practicing group of healthcare providers or an organization that avail our credentialing services for at least 10 insurance companies, we offer group NPI for free. Many medical practices have been benefited by hiring CMM for their credentialing because our credentialing charges are reasonable and affordable. As a leader in medical provider credentialing company, Cosmos Medical Management is designed to deliver prompt services to healthcare providers.

One of the representatives quoted a few advantages of partnering with CMM and said, ?Our collection from insurance companies is 100% and A/R denial is <1%. Our services will allow you to free up your office space and eliminate the need for billing software, thus alleviating stress, and giving your staff more time to devote to patient care and day-to-day activities?. Apart from medical credentialing services, CMM also provides various other services - medical billing, A/R denial management, Bad Debts Collection, New Practice setup services, Fee schedule development and management, contract negotiation, accessing financial reports, maintaining and revalidating credentialing etc.

?At CMM, we have been assisting our clientele for over a decade by providing them with innovative and proven strategies and fulfilling their A-Z credentialing needs. You can count on us too, to get the same assistance no matter whether you are an individual or multi-physician practicing in an office or hospital. We look into each application individually and prudently and believe in beefing up our relationships mutually by credentialing our inclusive clients satisfactorily,? said one of the representatives at CMM.

With the announcement of the new offer, providers can save time and money while ensuring that they have all the necessary documents in order to be able to accept payments from insurance and patients as well. Please visit to explore their other services and offers and announcements.

Company :-Cosmos Medical Management, LLC

User :- Renu Gattani


Phone :-(866)289-7063

Mobile:- (918)261-4342

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