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College Bound Nutrition Hits a Home Run for First Full Quarter of Operations

2024-07-14 08:00:20 Sports


College Bound Nutrition (CBN) ended its 1st full quarter with a home run over the center field fence from stronger sales and star athlete performances.

College Bound Nutrition is the creation of Austin & Alex Gere and focuses on the nutritional needs of adolescent athletes with sport-specific nutritional supplements. Unlike many of the established supplement brands that cater to bodybuilders, fitness, and physique competitors, CBN has chosen to feed the needs of growing teenaged athletes whose aspirations are to go on and play collegian sports.

We asked Austin Gere about the early success of CBN and he responded with the sting of a 90-mph fastball. ?The success of CBN is measured in the performance increases of the players who are using our 10th Inning Pre & In-Game Baseball / Softball supplement. I also have been personally training some baseball players on our SPT (Sports Power Training) platform, combined with our 10th Inning Baseball supplements, and the results have been great! Better hitting, faster & quicker throws, and the ability to get to 1st base quicker and steal a base or two. We measure the success of CBN by increasing an athlete?s performance to hopefully play collegian sports like I did.?

Mid-tier D1 - D3 programs and smaller colleges are scrambling to find high school athletes with a high degree of athleticism that they can turn into assets for their sports programs. Top D1 schools have their pick of athletes to choose from, and most young athletes will not make the cut. However, there are tens of thousands of spots at other colleges and universities that need to be filled. The CBN supplement line fuels the growth of those young athletes. Combined with CBN?s Sports Power Training (SPT) method, they hope to make young athletes more recruitable assets.

We caught up with co-founder Alex Gere, who is handling many of the CMO duties, for his take on why CBN is having such success. ?Our focus has been on our Star Athlete Brand Ambassador program, where we showcase young players who are daily consumers of our products. They and their parents? enthusiasm over the positive gains while taking our 10th Inning Baseball / Softball Supplements are demonstrated on their social media posts. Our ambassadors have helped propel the success of our company like a bases loaded home run!?

About College Bound Nutrition:
College Bound Nutrition? is on a mission to make athletes ready to be College Bound assets by providing the first-of-its-kind sport-specific, safe & drug-free, nutritional supplements designed for youth athletes. We have also pioneered our proprietary Sports Power Training (SPT) methods to get the most out of the extra nutrition you get from using CBN supplements!

Media Contact:
Reporters may directly contact: Austin Gere 732-841-1469 austingere ( @ ) collegeboundnutrition dot com

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