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Punyam Academy Has Introduced Awareness training on ISO 35001 Biorisk Management System

2024-04-11 08:45:40 Education


The ISO 35001 biorisk management system awareness training course has recently been made available to laboratories and other connected organizations, according to a recent announcement from Punyam Academy. The learners of the ISO 35001:2019 awareness e-learning course will also be familiar with the methods required to implement and certify the ISO 35001 biorisk management system by a recognized certification authority.

The online biorisk management system awareness training is advantageous, particularly for individuals who would rather learn about this new ISO standard for biorisk management systems at their own convenience from the comfort of their home or workplace and receive a certificate of ISO 35001:2019 awareness. Anyone interested in learning about the ISO 35001 requirements for biorisk management in laboratories and other related organizations that handle, store, transport, or dispose of biological materials will find the certified e-learning ISO 35001 awareness training, which includes audio-visual presentations, handouts, and online exams, to be of great use. Additionally, participants will receive the ISO 35001:2019 biorisk management system awareness certificate after successfully completing this training course.

The ISO 35001 awareness training course consists of five sessions, each of which consists of an audio-visual presentation to help participants understand the content. There are additional handouts available in pdf format that are longer than 50 pages. The handouts for this online awareness training can be downloaded and saved by participants on their PCs for future use. They can also print or read these handouts offline to gain a thorough understanding of all the topics. There are also a total of five session tests and one final exam.

The online awareness training course assists in thoroughly understanding the standard and its essential benefits. Participants understand what biorisk management is and what its essential components are, as well as the ISO 35001:2019 standard requirements. The training course assists in becoming acquainted with the four layers of the ISO 35001:2019 documentation structure as well as the risk management procedure. Along with recognizing what steps should be taken by an organization to build a biorisk management system and obtain ISO 35001:2019 certification.

Anyone interested in learning about ISO 35001:2019 and the biorisk management system, employees, and other interested parties in laboratories and associated organizations involved in the handling, storage, transportation, or disposal of biological materials, All Biosafety Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Pharmacists &Clinical Staff, Students interested in a career in biorisk management, and Others who have found this course valuable. To know more about the ISO 35001 awareness training, visit here:

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