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Creative Diagnostics Introduces Microneutralization Assay Service for Virus Detection

2024-06-12 12:20:19 Technology


As an expert in virology and microbiology, Creative Diagnostics recently introduced the Microneutralization Assay Service to support research labs in detecting virus-specific neutralizing antibodies from human and animal sera.

Measuring antibody titers against specific viruses is indispensable to virology and several assays have been exploited based on similar principles, i.e., serial dilutions of heat-inactivated serum are mixed with fixed virus and added to the appropriate cell line for incubation. Meanwhile, it is critical to keep the virus concentration low so as to detect infection and not saturate antibodies in the serum.

It is significant to ensure that the detection is independent of viral concentrations and dependent only on the concentration and potency of tested sera. Therefore, it is important to accurately identify the infectious units of each virus with clear readings without exceeding the limited number of antibodies, which can be achieved by testing different viral concentrations against a fixed neutralization concentration standard. In high-concentration serum, inhibitory factors may prevent infection independently; therefore, it is vital to obtain pure serum or serum immunized with vectors for baseline neutralization determination.

The neutralization test is the most accurate way to determine whether a person has antibodies that can neutralize the infectivity of a particular viral strain. Taking influenza viruses as an example, it detects antibodies targeting HA proteins of influenza viruses, thereby identifying functional strain-specific antibodies in human and animal sera. In addition, because viruses are contagious, they can be quickly analyzed once found.

Traditional influenza virus neutralization assays (based on inhibiting the formation of cytogenetic effects in MDCK cell culture) are time-consuming, laborious, and relatively slow. Creative Diagnostics' new Microneutralization Test provides researchers with high-quality results in two days using the ELISA microtiter plates, covering target virus and infected cell culture and microneutralization assay.

Creative Diagnostics combines its infection and analytical expertise to provide global clients with the strongest portfolio of antiviral and antibacterial in vitro testing services. In light of the growing needs of customers for novel antiviral and antibacterial compounds to treat infectious diseases, Creative Diagnostics is leveraging its expertise to perform in vitro testing for compounds, thus, estimating their potential efficacies using in vivo models.

If you have questions regarding the Microneutralization Assay Service or other In Vitro Antiviral Testing, please visit Creative Diagnostics at

About Creative Diagnostics

Headquartered in New York, Creative Diagnostics is a consulting and experimental service provider specializing in virology and microbiology. The company provides comprehensive solutions to conquer obstacles in virology and microbiology research, from high-security infrastructure provision, biosafety regulation elucidation, to expert viral system assistance.

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