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Verlinde launched a new range of synthetic rope electric hoists

2023-06-05 01:52:36 Technology


EUROBLOC VF for loads up to 20 000 kg. Always at the forefront of its hoisting unit designs, Verlinde has introduced numerous innovations protected by 15 patents for this new product. Among these, the use of ultra-resistant synthetic ropes instead of traditional steel ropes as well as the latest management of the rope angle.

Verlinde EUROBLOC VF synthetic rope electric hoists are available in 3 models according to the load supported: VF3 up to 3200 kg, VF5 up to 6300 kg, VF10, up to 20000 kg. They benefit from the travelling speed variation, from 5 to 20m/min. The hoists meet the EN 13001-1 classification.

“Dyneema® is the world’s strongest fiber”
EUROBLOC VF hoists use Dyneema® ropes, a polyethylene fibre up to 15 times stronger than steel and 85% lighter. It boasts high-energy absorption capacity, very low elongation and is extremely resistant to abrasion, humidity, UV rays and chemicals. Lastly, it offers a wide operating temperature range: from -10°C/+40°C.

The ropes are available in diameters of 7 mm (VF3), 8.5 mm (VF5) and 12 mm (VF10) with a 12-strand anti-rotation weave. The structure of the synthetic rope is stable over time and has a longer service life than steel, which reduces production downtime for its replacement.

Synthetic rope is suitable for many configurations without the need for special rope variants unlike steel: rotation resistant use, heavy duty use, left and right hand lay, galvanized and stainless steel, and for different lubrications.

Only one rope model is used per type of hoist, which greatly facilitates storage, reduces costs and eliminates the risk of confusion between different rope models.

Synthetic fibre is not lubricated, so it does not require special maintenance or cleaning. And the fibre does not attract or collect dust. Furthermore, this prevents from steel particles falling under the lifting unit.

This technical innovation is part of Verlinde's approach to bring the latest technology to its customers as well as respecting the environment and allowing its customers to minimize the ecological impact of its products.

Optimal cable angle management
The functions of synthetic rope angle management offer many advantages: The “Hook Centering” reduces the risk of side pulls and load sways during lifting. In combination with the "Follow Me" assistance function, it helps to centre the hoist/hook above the load. The Snag Prevention function reduces the risk of snagging and pulling the load at an angle. The hoist is stopped if the hook or the load remains blocked during horizontal movement. The combination of these functions optimizes the life of the hoist components, facilitates its use and optimizes the duration of the operating cycles.

Finally, the "Inching Mode" in lifting and "Anti-Sway» functions allow for a more precise movement of the load and increased safety in use.

> Company born in 1858
> The leading French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment.
> A constantly-upgraded range of 30 groups of lifting equipment, designed for loads from 60 to 250,000 kg.
ISO 9001 quality assurance certified and ISO 14001 EMS certified (environment management system).

In France:
EUROPONT travelling crane construction plants, a sales network, a distributor network and after sales facilities.

> An advisory service in more than 92 countries.

For more information, visit

2, Bd de l'Industrie
28501 Vernouillet Cedex
Phone : +33 2 37 38 96 26 /06 07 53 10 43

Company :-Verlinde

User :- Elroy Fernandes


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