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Asia's Closet Angels Launches Fashion Extreme Expo Youth Edition

2024-06-23 11:44:23 Art & Entertainment


Fashion Extreme Expo Youth Edition will be held from June 9th to 11th, 2023. It showcases youth talent and provides entertainment industry training like voice lessons, modeling, acting, etc.?

Asia's Closet Angels announces their annual upcoming Fashion Extreme Expo Youth Edition, featuring three days of events (June 9th to 11th, 2023) discovering and nurturing youth talents, which includes guiding youth towards becoming professional actors, models, photographers, rappers, singers, and influencers. The event will feature a Youth Concert, Workshops, Photo Shoots, and a Fashion Show. Furthermore, the event will also support a charitable cause, Wigs for Kids, who provides hair wigs to children experiencing medical-related hair loss, such as Alopecia.? They will be donating a portion of the sponsorship dollars will be donated to Wigs for Kids.??

Asia's Closet Angels is a nonprofit organization focusing on youth development through art-based educational opportunities. They provide guidance and training to children aged 0-18 who are interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, such as acting, modeling, singing, rapping, and influencing. In addition to this, the organization is also dedicated to community development and helping children with Alopecia.

"As a model and CEO of Asia's Closet Angels, I am excited to announce the Fashion Extreme Expo Youth Edition. Our annual youth workshop and concert event is a great opportunity for young talent to develop their skills and pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry. Through this event, we can bring even more attention to this important cause and support children with Alopecia through Wigs for Kids." - Asia Hollaway, CEO of Asia's Closet Angels.

Asia's Closet Angels are committed to promoting the development of young talent in the entertainment industry while also supporting charitable causes and community development. Asia?s Closet Angels is dedicated to showcasing the latest fashion trends and designs through their events, while Asia's Closet Angels aims to provide meaningful learning opportunities in the arts to youth ages 0-18 years old. Together, they are making a difference in the lives of young talent and community as a whole.

About Asia's Closet Angels

Asia's Closet Angels is a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). The organization's mission is to provide young people with opportunities to develop their artistic talents, regardless of age, economic status, or physical and developmental disabilities. Fashion Extreme Expo Youth Edition is an annual event that is not not only focuses on discovering and nurturing young performers but also raising awareness about children with Alopecia. To support community development, the group plans to donate a portion of its sponsorship revenue to Wigs for Kids. Join them today to help make this vision a reality! Please visit and for more information.


Asia?s Closet Angels

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