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SGD Pharma achieves prestigious gold EcoVadis Sustainability Rating.

2024-05-23 11:43:23 Industry


High scores across the board put company in the top 5% of glass/glass product manufacturers

SGD Pharma, a global leader in glass pharmaceutical packaging, has been rated gold - indicating top 5% performance - following a rigorous sustainability assessment by EcoVadis, the world?s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. EcoVadis assesses companies in four key areas ? Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Sustainable Procurement and Ethics ? rating them relative to their peers. Results for SGD Pharma show:

? Overall performance in the 98% percentile for manufacturers of glass and glass products.
? Particularly high scores for sustainable procurement, and labour and human rights ? in the top 1% and 2% for the sector, respectively
? A continuing commitment to sustainability with an establishing track record of exemplary scores.

?This is an excellent achievement for SGD Pharma,? said Laurent Millet, Group Quality Director, ?and I?d like to pay tribute to everyone who?s worked so hard to deliver it. As a leader in the industry we are committed to demonstrating the highest levels of corporate social responsibility. Sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word, is a key part of that so it?s wonderful to be awarded a rating that reflects our dedication and effort.?

SGD Pharma advances sustainability initiatives under three headings ? people, environmental impact and business values. Focusing on environmental goals, these are now an integral part of the company?s industrial strategy with an ambitious target in place to reduce carbon footprint by 40% by 2040 (relative to 2020 figures). This is being realized by, for example, improving energy performance, electrification, heat recovery, increasing green electricity use and the switching to decarbonated raw materials.

EcoVadis uses 7 management indicators to assess companies across 21 sustainability criteria, from employee health and safety to social and human rights and ethics. The results provide companies with a robust tool for benchmarking and improvement. At the same time, they are valuable for those looking for an independent assessment of potential partners or suppliers. Those leading the way in sustainability are increasingly intent on working with others that share their values.

?The credibility of the EcoVadis scheme is really important to us,? said Laurent Millet. ?It confirms that we are performing well relative to our peers and provides easily compared metrics for our customers. SGD Pharma has a history of working with glass that extends over 100 years. By working sustainably we can embrace the next century with confidence.?

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