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Tauheedah J. Salido Releases a New Book: How I Lost 30lbs and Maintained

2024-06-12 01:41:09 Art & Entertainment


St. Thomas, U.S -Author and founder of Purposeful Journals LLC, Tauheedah J. Salido is set to release a new book on her journey to a healthier body and mindset. "How I Lost 30lbs and Maintained" is not just about weight loss, but also includes tips for building confidence, staying motivated, and achieving personal goals. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback and is ready to purchase now.

?I believe that this book will serve as a valuable resource for anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their lives. It's an excellent reminder that even small changes can have a significant impact, and with the right mindset and dedication, anything is possible.? Said Tauheedah J. Salido, the book author. ?I encourage readers to use this book as a tool to motivate themselves and to take action towards their goals. Remember that change is possible, and with the right attitude and approach, you can achieve anything you set your mind to."

Purchase Tauheedah J. Salido's New book "How I Lost 30lbs and Maintained," here:

In this 54 page book, Salido shares her personal journey to a healthier lifestyle, including her favorite exercises and recipes. The book also delves into the mental barriers that can prevent people from reaching their fitness and personal goals and offers practical advice on how to overcome them. Whether readers are looking to lose weight, build confidence, or achieve personal growth, "How I Lost 30lbs and Maintained" offers something for everyone.

About Tauheedah J. Salido?

Tauheedah J. Salido is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island native and the founder of Purposeful Journals LLC. With a passion for personal growth and development, Salido created her business to help others build confidence and achieve their goals. "How I Lost 30lbs and Maintained" is her first book. In addition, Purposeful Journals LLC is a start-up business that focuses on building confidence, offering tips for a healthier lifestyle, and providing helpful recipes and workout routines. It is dedicated to helping people achieve their personal and professional goals.

To learn more about Tauheedah J. Salido and her books, please visit her website at For media inquiries or to request a review copy of the book, please contact Tauheedah J. Salido at or

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