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Interior Designers Experts Introduce \'The Concept Labs\' for Upcoming Designpreneurs in India

2024-06-14 05:38:24 Design


15th March 2023, New Delhi: As per research, the Indian interior design market was worth USD 23.2 Billion in 2020 and is further projected to reach USD 38.2 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 30% during 2021-2027, combining this with the Indian furniture market, both will be valued around USD 76 Billion. The data signifies the importance of skilled entrepreneurs and an ecosystem to support this as it can be a huge boom in the Indian interior design sector, the idea of \'The Concept Labs\' will fulfill the essential need of the industry by providing a unique Masterclass and Mentorship Program for \'Designpreneurs\' i.e Design Entrepreneurs in India.

It provides a comprehensive suite of services, including- real-time monitoring, foundation building, systems and tools, global collaborations from Europe and East Asia, finance and funding to budding design entrepreneurs along with live industry training. The team also offers guidance on growth, live office hours, industry leaders on board, compliance and checks. Currently located in Delhi-NCR. The Concept Labs is looking to expand its reach to metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata within the next six months.

Kushagra Awasthi is the Founder and Principal Mentor of the \"The Concept Labs\" who is also a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist(VC) and has significant experience in this domain. Shraddha Kasaudhan is the Executive Director of \"The Concept Labs\". She brings almost a decade of experience in Interior Design Entrepreneurship and Mentorship. The Concept Labs focuses on providing live experiences to entrepreneurs through offline classes, as well as offering a platform for other businesses and industry experts to share their expertise. It is poised for organic growth.

The \'Designpreneur\' Program offers a comprehensive range of topics, including interior design, environmental health and safety, modular furniture, global furniture trade, project management, general contracting, MEP, fire, building management systems, e-marketplace, and more. The team has partnered with associations from countries such as Italy, Russia, Germany and China to provide \'Designpreneurs\' with valuable insights and training opportunities. The Concept Labs is also introducing an offline Mentor Program to support the development of young Design Entrepreneurs. Additionally, Concept Labs is organizing Interior Designing Masterclasses to foster a strong community of \'Designpreneurs\' in India.

Mr. Kushagar Awasthi, Founder and Principal Mentor, The Concept Labs \"I am thrilled to share the idea of The Concept Labs, a pioneering initiative in India that provides an opportunity to upcoming entrepreneurs in Interior Designing & Furniture Industry expert guidance and support from Successful Business Owners. Our goal is to empower \'Designpreneurs\' and the industry as a whole by creating an army of \'Designpreneurs\' in India. We have partnered with Companies across the Globe to provide our entrepreneurs with global exposure, international connections, and access to the latest design and technology trends.

Also to add, all the income generated through this program will go into a social cause, and to give back to the community.\"

About The Concept Labs

The Concept Labs is the only Masterclass and Mentor Program for \'DESIGNPRENEURS\' in India. It provides real-time monitoring, foundation construction, systems and tools, international partnerships, finance, and funding to growing design entrepreneurs along with live industry training. The team supports elements like growth, live office hours, and industry leaders on board, compliance, checks, and so forth.

Company :-Adgcraft


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