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On-demand Drupal Webinar: Journey To The Latest Drupal 9: Understanding Features, Migration, & Modernization Compatibility

2024-06-23 03:27:53 Computer


DrupalPartners is a leading Drupal development agency based in Atlanta that comes up with innovative solutions for clients in need of website creation and digital transformation. This season, they are excited to announce our upcoming webinar on Drupal 9, the latest version of the open-source content management platform.

The insightful webinar is titled, "Journey To The Latest Drupal 9: Understanding Features, Migration, & Modernization Compatibility."
What You'll Learn
- Understanding the features and improvements in Drupal 9
- The process of migrating to Drupal 9 from previous versions
- Compatibility with modern development tools and practices
- How to develop and carry out a risk mitigation plan
for migrating to Drupal 9
-A complete guide to a successful Drupal 9 migration
Who Should Attend
This webinar is perfect for anyone who uses Drupal for their website, including individuals and businesses in the fields such as marketing, eCommerce, etc. It will also benefit anyone looking to migrate their existing Drupal website to the latest version.
Drupal Website owner
Drupal Business leaders
Drupal marketers
eCommerce business powered by Drupal commerce
Drupal-based educational institution
E-learning portals that run on Drupal
Non-profit organizations
Besides, if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas, you should attend this webinar:
Digital PR and Social Media
Crisis Management
Marketing Communications
Media Relations
Public Affairs/Issues Management
Public Relations
Research and Analytics
Business Development
Register Now
This is a free webinar, and you are invited to register now to reserve your spot. Attendees of the webinar are entitled to receive a few little surprises towards the end - FREE Consultation With Our Drupal Certified Developers/Marketers.

In this session, we'll be discussing the reasons behind why you should migrate to the latest version of Drupal. We'll touch on topics such as affordability, pricing, requirements and more. By attending this webinar, you'll have all of the information that you need in order to make a decision about whether or not migrating to the newest version of Drupal is right for you. So, please do join us!

The Webinar:

Journey To The Latest Drupal 9: Understanding Features, Migration, & Modernization Compatibility

Date & Time:
December 1st at 11.00 AM PST - 2.00 PM EST.

Nash Ogden
Karthik Kalimuthu
Senthil Kumar

For Registration: CLICK THIS LINK

Media Contact:

Drupal Partners
Atlanta, Georgia (Head Office)
7000 Central Parkway, Suite 220,
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 678-648-1835
Drupal Migration Webinar Rescheduled to June 30th

Company :-Drupal Partners

User :- 470-604-9885


Phone :-4706049885

Mobile:- 4706049885

Url :-

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