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Tridhya Group Gifts Cars To Long-Term Employees Who Contributed to Company’s Growth

2024-04-24 06:47:52 Technology


Tridhya Tech, a global leader providing digital transformation services, felicitated 13 employees with 13 cars as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication towards the company's mission over the years.

Ramesh Marand, the Chief Executive Officer and Director at TridhyaTech, while addressing the employees said, ?We are gifting cars to employees as a part of our employee recognition program. I strongly believe in sharing the wealth we have created with our employees.?

He added, ?This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to more and more such initiatives in the future.?

Over more than 5 years, the company has set up its base across Asia, Europe, and Australia. The company made a name for itself with successful collaboration in the industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and Energy.
Speaking at the occasion, one of the 13 employees expressed his gratitude by calling it an unexpected initiative, ?It feels great to be appreciated for the hard work you have put in and get the results for it. However, getting a car from your employer is a whole new level. The company never fails to appreciate our contribution to the growth.?
TridhyaTech offers end-to-end tech solutions to accomplish an effective digital transformation for enterprises with services that include digital experience platforms, eCommerce, enterprise mobility, cloud services, data & analytics, software & API development, and much more.

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