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The Omnia Group Launches New, Mobile-Friendly Behavioral Assessment

2024-04-24 08:56:53 Business


Tampa-based company announces completion of external validity study and the launch of new, faster 3-part mobile-friendly assessment.

TAMPA, FL, January 25, 2023 ? The Omnia Group, an employment assessment company specializing in hiring and professional development, has completed a comprehensive external validation exercise and announced enhancements to their behavioral assessment to improve the candidate experience.

In the mission to offer a better candidate experience, Omnia introduced a quicker, easier, mobile-friendly assessment earlier this month. Additionally, Omnia modernized its validated behavioral assessment by updating several words from the adjective checklist.

Omnia reported that, with these updates, the overall internal reliability of the tool rose to 0.93 for Part 1 and 0.94 for Part 2. And the assessment continues to be above the 0.80 standard for reliability.

?We are so excited about completing our third independent validity study, enhancing the assessment, and offering a better candidate experience during the hiring process to help businesses stay competitive. We are proud of its versatility to go beyond the talent acquisition phase and become an integral part of the employee lifecycle?making it stand out in this crowded pre-employment assessment marketplace,? said Wendy Sheaffer, Chief Product Officer of The Omnia Group.

Sheaffer added, ?Our personality tool continues to be a reliable measure of our 5 scales: assertiveness, sociability, pace, structure, and perspective. We also got some great data connecting our assertiveness scale to sales performance! Something our clients have known all along, but it?s nice to see it in writing.?

About Omnia

Through a simple and sophisticated behavioral assessment, Omnia empowers HR and business leaders to continuously grow, develop and inspire their workforce. Omnia offers a variety of insightful reports, resources, and tools to help leaders understand, empower, and evolve their people.

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife, John and Heather Caswell, Omnia was one of the first to pioneer behavioral analysis in the workplace and quickly became one of the most relied on pre-employment and developmental assessment companies in the U.S. Omnia takes pride in their ability to help clients hire and retain their employees through effectively using assessments during their hiring and development processes.

If you?re interested in learning more about Omnia, you can visit or contact their team at or by calling 800-525-7117.

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