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The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit is now operating globally

2024-04-10 11:44:39 Business


Switzerland, January 2023 - After successful conferences in Miami, Lisbon and Singapore, the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit is coming to Dubai on February 21 and 22, 2023 for the first time. By closing the gap in the MEA region, the conferences now operate as a networking and information platform for E-Invoicing and VAT reporting related topics globally.

The conference will bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape for E-Invoicing and tax reporting in the Middle East and Africa. The agenda covers the latest news and topics such as:

+ Implementation of E-Invoicing / Real-time Reporting in the Middle East and Africa
+ E-Invoicing regulatory developments in the region and globally
+ E-Invoicing and VAT Reporting: Developments in the European Union
+ Adopting Peppol for E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls
+ Utilizing the lessons learned from Oil & Gas deploying E-Invoices globally
+ E-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia as an extension to the economic renaissance: Updates and what to expect
+ E-Invoicing in Africa: Latest developments and plans ahead
+ The next steps towards a truly global interoperability

Information on the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit and special ticket rates valid for public sector and typical senders of a high volume of invoices:

Company :-Vereon AG

User :- Johannes von Mulert


Phone :-+41 71 677 8700

Url :-

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