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Authentium Launches The World's-First Autonomous Decentralised Food Supply Chain

2024-07-14 02:06:55 Business


Authentium DEX is a digital ledger for transactions between suppliers and customers made using Proof of Story (POS) token units. This will remove centralised authorities from global food supply chains and help farmers improve their food supply chain.

Authentium introduces the first open-source community design and builds an ecosystem of DAO-like Decentralised Autonomous Supply Chain Organisations (DASCO's) that will remove powerful centralised authorities from global food supply chains with blockchain technology. This project will provide transparency information across entire supply chain through the creation and transfer of Proof of Story (POS) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Authentium is a blockchain company that offers food supply chain management, logistics and freight solutions. The company's entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, supply chain managers and software developers are passionate about the vision of transforming the global food industry. Their mission is to develop and implement various proprietary technologies to ensure the decentralisation of global food supply chains through their network to improve transparency and efficiency.

Integrating blockchain technology into the food supply chain requires a good understanding of the demands of this industry. The main benefit of blockchain technology is that it allows everybody to access information about a product and its history using a distributed ledger. This reduces the risk of fraud and counterfeit products, as well as any kind of manipulation in the food supply chain. In addition, blockchain technology allows for decentralisation and removes any central authorities from the equation: everybody can have a complete overview of what happens at each point in the food supply chain.

Furthermore, Authentium DEX will be established to connect food suppliers with buyers for efficiency and transparency. This Authentium DEX also acts as a digital ledger for transactions made using Proof of Story (POS) token units. When a purchase is made using these tokens, consumers can track their purchases from their end and check on their food in transit if they choose to do so. This ensures freshness while maintaining authenticity, which is important when it comes to food safety.

"The way we see it, if we can set up a system that gives everyone involved in the chain more access to information and makes it easier for them to keep track of what's going on and where things are at all times. Then we will be able to improve the efficiency of the whole process. As a result, everyone will have more data and confidence that they know exactly what's going on with their food and where it came from. We're making life better for everyone and we think that's something important." Said Authentium CEO.

About Authentium?

Authentium is a blockchain company that provides blockchain-based solutions for businesses. Its core product, Authentium Global Food Supply Chains, brings transparency to food supply chains by using blockchain technology. The blockchain network allows for information sharing among various parties in the supply chain, including suppliers and customers, so that every party can see where products are moving from one country to another. This adds an extra layer of trust and security to our global food supply system. For more information, please visit


Name: Authentium

Street: 710 Collins Street, Docklands

City and State: Melbourne VIC

Zip: 3008


Country: Australia

Phone: 1300 303 360

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