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Textem [Add Text to Photo] FREE for Android: a new release 1.5 is online

2024-06-12 10:29:02 Computer


Textem [Add Text to Photo] FREE for Android has been updated to release 1.5. Say everything you want with Texts on Photos. Add your favorite quotes to your Images with easy. Textem is now available for download on Google Play. A new version for Android has just been released some days ago and has been made available for download on smartphones and tablets with the OS by BigG.

Over 10,000 users have already tried the Textem beta app with great satisfaction.

Textem - Add Text to Photo - comes with several features and improvements. Create wonderful quotes about love and friendship, express your feelings quickly and easily, using images from your gallery, photos taken with your camera, or the templates that we created for you, available directly into the app.

Send your favorite quotes to your lover, friends, parents, and everyone you want. Send your love messages using the style that you prefer.

You can use Textem as you want.

With Textem, you can add texts starting from:
???? photos taken from camera;
???? images and photos from the gallery;
???? plain templates that you can find into the app;
???? awesome images from external services as Pexels and Unsplash.

You can add an unlimited number of texts to your photos and images. And you can use the many available tools and font options to create very awesome text effects.

Do you want to say something to someone? Don't say, Text?em!

Style your texts on photos as you like.

Textem offers many tools and font options for styling texts (and many others are coming soon).
???? set the size;
???? change rotation;
???? set the color for text and background;
???? define borders;
???? change alignment;
???? set the format options;
???? choose from several underline types;
???? select your favorite fonts, from many available;
???? set spacing;
???? set shadow;
???? define a stroke for the text;
???? add comics (useful for memes) and arrows.

Users can also save their works, and get them a second time.

And for users that want more?

There is also a PRO Version that unlocks all the features!
- Unlimited templates;
- Unlimited images;
- Free Search on external services as Pexels and Unsplash;
- No Ads

Don't wait any more, get Textem today, and enjoy yourself.

Textem - Add Text to Photo - promises to be the most complete and simple app for Android (and soon, for iOS). It is easy to use, fast and light.

At the moment, Textem is available for download on Google Play in two versions, FREE and PRO.

For further information, there is a website for the app (See link below).

Available for download on Google Play:


Promo video (Youtube):

Company :-Cip Apps

User :- Hazel Ventura


Url :-

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